Twitter Finds Perfect NFL Coaches for Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, the Rock, and Others to Play in a Movie

Published 10/04/2022, 3:30 PM EDT

Ryan Reynolds as NFL coach Matt LaFleur, how does that sound? A page on Twitter did exactly the same. The CBS Sports Digital page Pick Six Podcast majorly covers NFL news and in a thread, they compiled a list of celebrity NFL coaches along with coaches that match their personalities. The list consists of everyone from the comical Kevin James as Sean Payton to Chris Evans as Sean McVay.

NFL coaches are after all known to have very unique personalities. In fact, fans are not only gaga over the players but devotees of the team coach as well. There have been several Hollywood movies about NFL, including the 1999 Al Pacino starred Any Given Sunday and the 2000 movie Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington. If any future coach-centered movie is to be made, the following list will be a good source to pick from


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The post compiled a total list of 10 celebrities and the NFL coach they could play in movies.

Matt is the head football coach for Greenbay Packers for the national football league.

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds recently purchased the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC. This required a lot of knowledge about how the field works. The actor’s composed yet focused personality would make him a perfect pick for playing the role of Matt Lafler.

Moreover, both of them have a visibly similar smiles and dark hair.

Kliff is the head coach for the Arizona Cardinals team of the NFL and is also known for his good looks.

The coach shares a resemblance with The Notebook hero Ryan Gosling, something that the coach is already aware of. Gosling was part of the 2000 movie Remember The Titans, which was based on American football.

Tomlin is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL.

House MD actor Omar Epps is the perfect doppelganger for coach Mike Tomlin, to the point that they look like relatives. In fact in the House series, a fellow character tells a Tomlin-inspired joke to Dr. Eric Foreman, who is played by Epps.

Bill Belichick is the head coach of the New England Patriots.

He may appear cold, stoic, and not very upbeat, but is still considered one of the most successful coaches in the world. Robert De Niro is also a veteran actor topping in his field. In fact, the Godfather actor’s personality is quite reserved and quiet as well, until something nudges him to speak because once he is riled up, it can be quite intense.

Sean Payton and Kevin James

Sean is a former football coach and quarterback.

He was the former head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile, comedian/ actor Kevin James is most popularly known for his sitcom King of Queens. This potential choice of cast has been recognized by Netflix as well. The upcoming comedy-drama Home Team will showcase the story of the coach’s time during his one year of bounty gate suspension from the NFL.

Sean is a head coach for Los Angeles Rams, becoming the youngest head coach in recent NFL history.

McVay is known for his impeccable game callings and infectious personality, which is the same for Captain America, a role that was bagged by Chris Evans. To top it off, both have unique deep blue eyes, making Evans a perfect potential for playing the coach.

Saleh is a head coach for New York Jets.

Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson is known by many for his transformation from a WWE fighter to his entry into Hollywood. Both rock their clean-shaven hairstyle in a great style.


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Saleh’s approach to his teammates has always been giving them one-on-one attention. Meanwhile, Rock’s friendly persona is as big as his physique.

Bruce Arians and Sam Tarasco

Bruce is a former NFL coach who is now a senior football consultant for Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The coach shares a resemblance with Canadian-born Trailer Park actor Sam Tarasco. Both share a cool, sarcastic, and humorous personality. Although both may not look too alike, their similar styles would make Sam perfect for playing the role of Arians if a movie is ever made.

Andy Reid is the head coach for Kansas City Chiefs.


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Despite multiple Andy Reid impersonators throughout the years, this die-hard fan is so perfect, one would not be able to tell the difference. He even appeared at the Arrow Head Stadium doing his impersonations from the stand, attracting the cameras towards him. The look was complete with a headset and mustache, not to mention similar body types.

If you are an NFL fan and you hear the name Chucky, you know who the reference is for. Gruden was a head coach for fifteen years for several teams like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, etc.


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This is possibly meant to be a fun example but Jon Gruden’s angry outbursts earned him the name Chucky decades ago. Chucky is an animated devil character from the horror movie of the same name.

So which one of these actors would you like to see playing coaches on the screen? Let us know in the comments.



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