Twentysomethings: Austin Cast After the Show Has Ended – What Are They Upto Now?

Published 01/08/2022, 3:26 AM EST

Reality shows have the tendency to change the lives of their participants forever. That is exactly what happened with the cast members of Netflix‘s own reality show Twentysomethings: Austin. We are here to tell you about where the cast of this show ended up, and what all is going on in their life.

Twentysomethings: Austin is a reality show which was entirely produced and released by Netflix itself. It put together 8 people who are in their 20s in Austin, Texas. Hence the name, Twentysomethings: Austin. The 8 youngsters are out to find love and success, along with that they are trying to get a hang of the new “American Life” in 2020. The Netflix Original received a brilliant response from around the world.

Is the cast of Twentysomethings: Austin still in contact?


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Yes, the entire cast of the Netflix reality show is still in contact. In fact, Adam said, “I have stayed in contact with everybody on the show. We all have a group chat. We talk every day.

Everyone knows how important sharing memes with your friends are these days, don’t we? Well, guess what? The group chat of our favorite Twentysomethings is used for memes as well. As Raquel said, “The nine of us literally drop in like funny memes and stuff. It’s always a good time in that group chat.”

Are the cast members dating anyone?

Well, to give their fans a ray of hope, Adam, Bruce, Keauno, and Natalie are all single. Natalie even joked about how she was dating the “hottest guy ever”, but then she broke into laughter and said, “I am single! I am still single and you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay because it’s a journey.

How did they feel watching themselves on camera?

Watching yourself on camera when you are in a movie or a show is okay, but watching yourself on a reality show is a crazy experience. Abbey explained how she felt when she watched Twentysomethings: Austin, “I would say overall very fun, very worth it, but at times, it was a little difficult to watch. I’m not going to lie.

How are Twentysomethings: Austin doing, career-wise?

Talking about their careers, and what they are doing currently, the cast members revealed some interesting details. Bruce said that he was working for his dad. However, when he returned, he wanted to do something for himself. Now he has promised himself that he will choose happiness over money in whatever he does next.


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Our very Keke is the celebrity representation we need as just as us, he has many interests and he needs to narrow it down. Abbey, too, is exploring many areas. She shared, “Right now, I’m exploring a lot of different career choices and still seeing what’s going to be best for me.

As for Raquel, she is one of the more well planning and sorted members of the group. She revealed, “I actually have a clothing line coming out soon, which I absolutely love that I can share because I’ve got two fashion designer friends.”


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Kamari too is having a stable career in modeling, and he hopes to get signed in some bigger markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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