Tweets Proving Ryan Reynolds Was Thriving as Hollywood’s Funny Guy in 2020

Published 02/17/2023, 12:30 PM EST

Ryan Reynolds is a level above your extraordinary Hollywood movie star and the credit goes to his humor. The magnum opus of his career, Deadpool, became a major hit thanks to him delivering punches he normally would except with mutant abilities and a stellar suit. With managing multiple brands as an investor, putting out stellar movies with Maximum Effort, trolling his wife, and taking care of his kids, Reynolds is a busy man. Therefore, when he is not turning his award show speeches into his personal standup comedy sets, the actor puts up his witty humor on Twitter for the world to enjoy.

While the actor has amassed a massive following and the People’s Icon title since then, his social media posts were dipped in golden humor in 2020. Reynolds put in ‘Maximum Effort’ to bring a smile to people’s faces during the lockdown with his jokes and also several donations. Let us take a look at some of the Deadpool actor’s best jokes in 2020.

Funniest Ryan Reynolds in 2020


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1. When he pointed out an important message from a throwback photo

The Green Lantern actor more often than not uses himself as the butt of the joke. In October 2020, Reynolds was ruthless towards his little self for his fashion choice.

2. First time with Blake Lively

Reynolds opened up about his first time with Blake Lively….voting in America.


3. Ryan Reynolds: A revolutionary for Gin lovers

Aviation Gin is among the first businesses that the Green Lantern actor invested in. However, the depth of his passion became clear when he was ready to stand up to the monarchy if the Gin tax was imposed.

4. When he wanted to crack walnuts with Chris Hemsworth’s jaw

Thor may have the power to crack a lot of things with his hammer, but Reynolds believes in Chris Hemsworth’s potential to crack a walnut with his jaw.

5. When he gave a shout-out to the mothers in his life

The actor has always had a unique take on gentlemanly behavior and his mother’s day post in 2020 was no different.

6. When he chose a favorite amongst his work

The 2010 survival thriller bent Ryan Reynolds to the extremes. Like a 24-hour in-a-coffin kind of extreme. Therefore, we do not blame the actor for promoting Buried more than a decade later.


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7. When he signed a pro-animal agreeMint

With a single picture, Reynolds proved that not just him but also his networking business is very dog friendly by getting into an agreeMint with a random Twitter user.

8. Ryan Reynolds is still investigating the “unsolved” leak

Disney was not too hunky-dory by the idea of a superhero that spews ten profanities per minute under its label. In fact, the only way Deadpool received a green light was thanks to someone leaking it online. And Reynolds has stressed countless times that it was not him. And we believe it.

9. When he said what we all wanted to say about 2020

Among the many business ventures in his lap, Reynolds also manages the affairs of a dating website. And the Match commercial which followed the story of Satan and 2020 finding true love in each other, of course through Match, is a script that needs an Oscar.

10. When he had a very important question for Hugh Jackman

Reynolds and his love-hate relationship with Hugh Jackman is no secret. But the actor did pull a menacing yet witty move by asking the actor if he keeps his wig on when he sleeps.

11. When he had the best wish for The Rock

Reynolds proved to be a master in combat with his birthday wish to The Rock where he not only acknowledged his gigantic built but also his heart of gold.

12. When Rawson Marshall Thurber had his attention but not his heart

Charlie Puth wrote about a certain someone wanting his attention but not his heart in 2017. Who would have thought Reynolds would pull off the same move as he pretended to listen to Marshall Thurber while The Rock danced around with bangs in his heart?

13. When Ryan Reynolds had the best reaction to getting tested

Covid-19 was a time when most were ten feet deep into worrying about tests. Reynolds assured just how easy they are with this quirky post.

14. When he thanked Aviation Gin before Blake Lively

During his Hollywood Walk of Fame speech in 2016, the actor graciously thanked Blake Lively for the father she made him. However, as the years passed, the actor gave Aviation Gin the glory.

15. When he proved that he is a hero even as Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds’ effort to help someone in need while cracking jokes is a masterclass in superheroes that don’t wear capes.


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Reynold’s one-liners are a lesson in top-notch humor. With the 46-year-old, it gets tough to understand if he brings the humor into his work or work into his humor, but what is for sure is that he makes approximately $150 million from it. The actor is still playing Tom and Jerry with Hugh Jackman in 2023 on the big screens with Deadpool 3 and on social media with @VancityReynolds.


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Which, according to you, was the funniest Ryan Reynolds tweet in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.



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