“True Mexican pride” – Fans Go Crazy as Salma Hayek Held a Treat For Herself On The Red Carpet at The 2023 Golden Globe Awards

Published 01/11/2023, 12:30 PM EST

After a controversial year, the 80th Golden Globe Awards finally took place. From the red carpet to the ceremony itself, there were countless iconic moments with some stray ones, too. One such random moment surrounding Salma Hayek is in the highlights of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards. While winning hearts with a beautiful golden dress, eagle-eyed fans also noticed a tiny yet visible detail. What was it? Let us find out here.


A year without the Golden Globe Awards was a little concern. The industry boycotted the Hollywood International Press Association (HFPA). Since then, the organization had to make some changes, focusing on greater diversity within its ranks and in its nominations. And at the beginning of the year 2023, the ceremony gave us the most iconic moments to cherish.


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Salma Hayek won hearts with the golden dress with a tiny treat

Along with many actors celebrating their accolades at the 80th Golden Globe Awards, Salma Hayek got a treat for herself on the red carpet. While making a stunning appearance with Harvey Guillen, Hayek took a packet of Pulparindo from a journalist.  Mexican, the actress took the treat with herself.

Translation: Like a good Mexican, Salma Hayek reached #GoldenGlobes with a Pulparindo. 😂🤩 Here’s the iconic moment:

While slaying the bewitching silvery ensemble the Mexican actress added charm with a pack of Pulparindo in her hands. Fans went crazy over the actress’ gesture and were found praising the lady. This user said she was the Goddess, on the red carpet of the Golden Globes with a Pulparindo.

Translation: Salma Hayek as the Goddess that she is, on the red carpet of the Golden Globes with a pulparindo. ♥️

And some record on a sugar free diet…


Pulparindo is an important part of our lives, and so is Salma Hayek’s.

Translation: Share this Salma Hayek in #GoldenGlobes2023 so that Pulparindo is never missing in your life.

While praising the amazing dress of the Grown Ups actress, the user loved the Mexicanness of the actress.

Translation: #SalmaHayek ♥ and her pulparindo very Mexican 🇲🇽 in the #GoldenGlobes2023 #GlobosDeOro2023 dressed by #HouseOfGucci


According to this user, Salma Hayek, along with Guillermo, with her Pulparindo is the most Latino we will ever see.

Translation: Salma Hayek, along with Guillermo, with her pulparindo is the most Latino that will be seen in a long time. 


Maybe we are not worthy of Hayek’s queen level, says this user.

Translation: Salma Hayek with a pulparindo in the #GoldenGlobes2023 what a queen level, we don’t deserve it

In a society where you try to ‘fit in’, Hayek just stays herself. This user loves the quality of this American-Mexican actress.

Translation: You going to sucker places to take your pictures of experimental-gourmet food wanting to “fit in” and my Salma Hayek with a lot of varo, having a Pulparindo on the red carpet of the #GoldenGlobes. I f*cking love her.

Well, is this the iconic way to be at the Golden Globe Awards? According to this user, Hayek has done a great job.

Translation: An iconic way to be at the Golden Globes? Like Salma Hayek, beautiful, spectacular and resplendent, but with a pulparindo in her hand

the House of Gucci actress is the true Mexican pride, says this user.

Translation: Salma Hayek is a true Mexican pride, look that bringing a pulparindo on the carpet of the Golden Globes is not just anyone 😁👏


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Well, while everyone is talking about the 56-year-old actress and her amazing confidence, what do you think about it? Share your reviews while knowing more about the iconic moments of the 80th Golden Globe Awards.


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