‘The Witcher’s’ Controversial Stand Puts Liam Hemsworth in an Unfair Position Against Henry Cavill

Published 08/18/2023, 2:27 AM EDT

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As Henry Cavill relinquished his iconic sword as Geralt of Rivia, a storm of controversy engulfed The Witcher, reaching unprecedented heights. This departure carried a personal weight, casting a shadow that even the Netflix series could not escape from the aftermath of this recasting choice. With Liam Hemsworth poised to step into Cavill’s shoes, the stage is set for an extraordinary transition, yet the echoes of this provocative comparison persist with a lingering intrigue.

In an ongoing attempt to justify the recasting, Hemsworth occasionally gets struck below the belt. Once more, this contentious stance proves to be unjust to Liam Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth caught in the shadow of controversial recasting over Henry Cavill

Whether it is the revival of Superman or his polarizing departure from Netflix, the talk about Cavill’s exit has been constant. While no one has openly criticized him, the weight of the situation has undeniably shifted onto Hemsworth’s shoulders. According to CBR, the executive producer Tomek Baginski offered questionable explanations for the recasting, drawing parallels between Geralt, Batman, Superman, and James Bond, suggesting that this approach would bring forth various interpretations of the character.

Hemsworth finds himself in an unjust predicament as Season 4 introduces Geralt without any reboot. The Witcher diverges from the multiverse narrative seen in MCU or DCEU; Cavill’s Geralt and Hemsworth’s Geralt are mirror images, devoid of alterations. This assertion would have held weight if The Witcher embraced a multiverse trajectory. Also, if Hemsworth’s Geralt embarked on a distinct journey. Instead, Hemsworth should be viewed in the same light as Cavill.

No matter how unjust this may seem, Hemsworth is no stranger to grappling with such unfair juxtapositions.

Netflix’s desperate attempt to save Cavill’s last stint

While this comparison emerged from the executive producer, Hemsworth faced a blow below the belt from Netflix itself in the past. As a desperate move to salvage Cavill’s final portrayal as Geralt, the streaming giant resorted to an attempt. Given the less favorable outcome of Season 3, which placed Netflix under scrutiny, the company went to great lengths by plastering UK buildings with declarations in a bid to rectify the situation.

The bold proclamations echoed, ‘Yes, he’s still Geralt in Season 3’. This proclamation undoubtedly struck a blow to Hemsworth, who is earnestly striving to step into Cavill’s shoes and embody the iconic Geralt. The tepid reception of the season might have its underlying reasons, but resorting to desperate measures for redemption felt unjust to the new Geralt.

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