Stranger Things Teases a Family Murder by Vengeful Demon in the Upcoming Season on Netflix

Published 09/25/2021, 9:37 AM EDT

In just a few hours from now, TUDUM will be live. TUDUM is a virtual event on Netflix celebrating all the exclusive footage of Netflix originals. It will see series, films, and specials of Netflix originals presented on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook. Ahead of the event, fans’ excitement is at its peak as Stranger Things’ official Twitter account released yet another sneak peek of the upcoming season.

It featured sinister music and focused on a newspaper clipping of a murder before the screen went blank.


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When did this take place and how is it connected to the protagonists of the show and Stranger Things: Season 4? Fans are confused and could get the answers later today.


How many episodes will Stranger Things season 4 have?

over 2 years ago

Given this tweet, with the word TUDUM and tomorrow, fans know that Stranger Things will drop something massive at the unique one-of-a-kind event.

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 trailer

Netflix’s Stranger Things has released two trailers. The first one revealed the fate of Hopper, who is alive in a Russian gulag. The second teaser focused on Eleven and her past, with Dr. Banner and the other ones like her.

Hence, could this latest Twitter teaser be an indication of Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven moving into a house that forces them to return to Hawkins? Or is it a new arc that will be introduced? Will TUDUM reveal a release date for the next season that fans have been waiting for ever since Season 3 dropped in July 2019?


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When will Season 4 will be released?

While we aren’t aware of the release date, we do know that the Stranger Things saga will see another addition in the first hour of TUDUM. Will there be more questions or any answers? We hope for both.


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Given Netflix’s stacked calendar for the remainder of the year, with Cobra Kai scheduled for December, and a slate of movies like Never Look Up and Red Notice, it seems unlikely that Stranger Things will premier in 2021. However, fans can expect it to drop by 2022.

How excited are you to see what Stranger Things has in store for us at TUDUM?



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