Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington, Joe Keery “was pretty blown away” Working With the ‘Guy’ Ryan Reynolds

Published 05/30/2022, 8:30 PM EDT

Stranger Things surely has been responsible for shooting its actors straight into the stratosphere. All of the actors have established a definite place for themselves in the industry. One such actor who was able to expand his field of work outside Stranger Things was Joe Keery. Keery shall always be remembered for his portrayal of Steve Harrington.

His babysitting skills have made him immortal. But he also has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Ryan Reynolds. And his reaction to working with the Canadian actor is exactly what we all hoped to be.

Joe Keery had an amazing time working with Ryan


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Reynolds plays a bank teller, Guy in the Free Guy. Guy and the other NPCs (non-payable characters) have a regular routine that consists of morning coffee runs, followed by casual bank robberies.

Keery plays Keys in the film, one of the programmers of the game, who after the game is bought by Antoine goes to work for him.

As Keys is not a character in the game, he does not get involved in much of the movie’s action with Ryan Reynolds. The only scene they have together is when Keys’ colleague Mouser dresses up as a pink fluffy bunny, and he dons a cop outfit.

While talking about his experience of sharing the screen with Ryan, Joe Keery had nothing but admiration and appreciation for The Adam Project star.


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The Stranger Things actor says that the greatest thing about Ryan was how effortless he made everything look. And even though what Ryan does is not easy, somehow, he makes it look like that.

“I was pretty blown away because he just makes it look really easy. And what he’s doing, it’s hard,” said Kerry. He also found deep appreciation for Reynolds and the Canadian’s work.


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Keery then went on to say how the whole shoot was a learning experience for him. And that Ryan is a man of unconditional kindness.

What do you guys think about Joe Keery’s performance in Free Guy? Let us know in the comments.



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