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Published 11/09/2021, 12:00 PM EST

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You might have just celebrated Halloween, but don’t stop the celebrations just yet. One of the scariest things that started back in 2016 has now inspired a full-fledged day. Globally, fans recognize November 6 (the day when Will Byers first went missing in the mysterious Upside-Down dimension) as Stranger Things Day. Fans are always excited to celebrate with Eleven & Co, and Netflix gave them all the reasons.

Too many surprises for the fans

Netflix came out with all-guns-blazing, and fans have over one thing to geek out about. We start slow and steady with the outfits of the actors for season 4 of Stranger Things. The official Twitter handle of Stranger Things posted a video of the lead cast transitioning through their outfits.


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For all the fans who couldn’t keep track of the Hawkins town, artist Kyle Lambert has made your lives easy. Here’s the map of the monster ravaged town of Hawkins.

Fans will also get exclusive merchandise and memorabilia from the newly opened pop-up stores in LA and New York. In addition, the stores will also give the fans access to the unique settings of the series. Mr. Clarke (Randy Havens) gave the fans a virtual tour of the retail stores.

If you haven’t yet celebrated Stranger Things Day, there is another reason for you to begin. Fans have a chance to get featured on Stranger Things Twitter handle as they celebrate the occasion. Rookies can watch the video to understand how to prepare for the next year.

What we were all waiting for


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Netflix delighted the fans with the biggest reveals. The most anticipated Stranger Things season 4 teaser was released by Netflix on November 6. Besides, the fans can also speculate about the season, as Netflix also dropped the title tease on the same day. The latest season will have nine episodes, and fans can expect some new monsters.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for the Summer of 2022 because their favorite gang will be back in action dealing with the Russians and the monsters. Followers of the series believe that Stranger Things can break the record of most-watched series currently held by Squid Game.


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Let us know in the comment section if you will celebrate the next Stranger Things Day.



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