Stay Close: The Crime Drama Miniseries’ Ending EXPLAINED

Published 01/08/2022, 2:30 PM EST

Netflix’s new thriller Stay Close has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time. The series, based on Harlan Coben’s book of the same name, revolves around the search for a teenager and how it uncovers and leads to several deaths. After a while, it gets difficult to keep up with the plot. Here’s the ending of Stay Close explained.

What is Stay Close about?


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Stay Close is about the intertwined lives of Megan, Ray, Detective Michael Broome, and Lorraine Griggs. The film begins with influential businessman Del Flynn, looking for his missing son Carlton Flynn. While the police, including Detective Broome, are doing all in their power to solve the case, Del isn’t quite satisfied. As a result, he hires a theatrical assassin duo- Ken and Barbie.

While they were not directly involved with the plot even until the very end, Ken and Barbie had their own agenda. Through the course of the Netflix series, alone were responsible for a number of deaths. The duo killed 3 people and then ended up dead themselves.

What happened to Stewart Green?

Serving as the point of connection between Megan, Ray, and Broome is Stewart Green. 17 years before the timeline viewers see, Megan went by the name of Cassie and was an exotic dancer. She was in a relationship with Ray. The couple was suspected of having robbed Green, an abusive man who was obsessed with Cassie.

Cassie later discovers that Stewart Green was, in fact, killed. Both Ray and Cassie suspect each other to be the murderer. Following this, Cassie rebuilt her entire self, unbeknownst to Ray, and came to be known as Megan.

Stay Close ending twist: a serial killer on the loose?

As all Harlan Coben stories do, Stay Close ends with a plot twist that makes viewers question their entire perception of the series. It turns out that all of these killings could be traced back to one person. As Detective Broome had suspected, a serial killer had been on the loose ever since Stewart Green’s disappearance.

The person behind these killings and many others that we don’t witness on the screens is Lorraine Griggs. The owner of the Vipers nightclub had been killing men at every carnival.

Stay Close ending twist part 2: What happened to Carlton Flynn?

Making a full circle, the ending of Stay Close comes back to the question it began with. The person whose disappearance caused the uncovering of these secrets is Carlton Flynn, i.e. the teenager who went missing during the carnival. Although Lorraine admitted to murdering him, we uncover a new secret. Actually, it was Megan who uncovered it right on her wedding day. Remember what we told you about Harlan Coben and his infamous ending twists? This is it.


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On the night of the Carnival, Carlton befriends Megan’s teenage daughter Kayleigh Shaw. Shaw and her friend hit it off with Carlton but the friend soon uncovers that Carlton spiked their drink. She quickly exchanged the drinks and so Carlton ends up drugged.

Kayleigh leads him back to his own car and locks him in the boot. In an act of hysteria, the two young girls steal Carlton’s car. Dave, Kayleigh’s father, and Megan’s husband is under the impression that the only thing his daughter has done is steal a car. In order to hide what seems like petty theft, he dumps the car into a lake, not knowing the fact that a drugged Carlton is locked up inside it.


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And so we have concluded the ending of Stay Close to the best of our abilities. This Netflix Original miniseries is certainly as confusing as it is thrilling. What are your thoughts?



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