Spoiler Alert! Which Couple Will End up Together in Love Is Blind?

Published 02/22/2022, 11:00 AM EST

Fans of Love is Blind season 2 are eager to find more details about their favorite participants from social media, for more spoilers. However, most participants of any reality show wait for the streaming platform to launch all the episodes before they reveal any minute details about the show. But Chris Coelen, the creator of the Love is Blind, explains there is no such mandatory rule for contestants.

In conversation with The Los Angeles Times, Coelen claims the participant can post about their relationship status on social media. The participants are even allowed to join dating apps during filming and before the premiere of the season. He says, “People are going to do what they’re going to do. But I think people buy into the idea that this is something that they do not want to spoil for the audience.”


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So, when the creator does not have any problem, nor the contestants, we can openly discuss the reality show. But before enjoying the spoilers, watch all the five episodes of Love is Blind season 2.

Spoilers from Love is Blind season 2

After coming back together from a romantic gateway in Mexico, it’s time for the couple to face the real world. The last four episodes will be full of chaos and drama. They have to introduce their partner to their families and friends. Most of the time, one or two families always try to create negativity in the relationship.

So, let’s find out which couple will get married in the end of Love is Blind season 2.


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Nick & Danielle

Danielle might say yes at the altar, but we don’t think that the couple will be happy. Danielle is so insecure about their relationship.

Every time they are having an intimate, romantic moment, Danielle gets offended by something.

Abhishek & Deepti

Abhishek and Deepti are might head to the altar, but we are pretty sure they will not end up together. Deepti has done everything right, but fans don’t feel Abhishek is giving her full effort in the relationship. Even his own mother says he doesn’t deserve Deepti.


Kyle & Shaina


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Kyle and Shaina are separated from each other. She claims that for religious reasons, she can’t be with Kyle. During their romantic getaway, Shaina leaves Kyle alone at the island.


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Needless of to say we are just as much confused as Kyle must feel after that. She even tried to sabotage another couple’s relationship in the show.

So, what did you think of the spoilers we just gave you for Love is Blind season 2? Comment down your thoughts below!



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