Sex Education Season 3 Returns With a Goat on Netflix

Published 09/09/2021, 3:07 AM EDT

The 2 minutes 27 seconds trailer of the upcoming season of Sex Education has left fans excited. While the trailer dropped yesterday, the show’s next season will release on September 17.

The upcoming season promises some high-profile drama, a battle, more nudity, a goat, along with bars raising high. Yes, a goat as well!


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The Goat in Sex Education Season 3

The goat appears to be a new character. Aimee has a new ride and Maeve enters the car to find Steve sitting in the backseat, holding a goat. Being among the first few to emerge in the trailer, it has become a topic of chatter. We are unsure if it is Steve’s pet, but this goat is good enough to blether.

What does the Sex Education S3 Trailer look like?

Otis has a mustache that he grew all summer. Eric and Adam are taking steps forward as Adam is now “ready to…you know.”

New Head Teacher and the Battle

Moordale Secondary has a new sassy headteacher (Jemima Kirke), with a mission to get “Moordale back on track.”  She won’t allow any more shame to the school popularly dubbed as “the sex school.”

“There is a battle happening for the sexual health of our teenagers.”

Changes in uniform and stricter rules are clear from the trailer itself. A teacher is teaching everything against sex-ed. As per her, sex will ruin students’ lives. Also, Otis no longer wants to get involved because of a broken heart. However, can he really stay away? We don’t think so.

Otis and Maeve’s Kiss


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After Season 2 ended with a voicemail that Maeve did not receive, fans are just as heartbroken as Otis. Towards the beginning of the trailer, Otis shows disinterest towards Maeve, “I don’t need to know what Maeve is doing anymore.” But we all know how badly he crushes on her.


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A silhouette shot in the trailer has teased hopes and potential romance between Otis and Maeve. The last moments of the trailer show (hopefully) them standing under rain, taking deep breaths, and facing each other with a glimmer in their eyes.


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Sex Education is a fairly new Netflix Original that has become massively popular, especially among teens and youngsters. From teaching sex education to high school drama, it is exciting and involving. Relatable characters further make it a preferred choice to stream among the teens, who will be eager for September 17 to come quickly.



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