Secret Booze to Immigration – Surprising Secrets About How the Royal Family Travels

Published 02/11/2023, 6:51 AM EST

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Despite the advancement of technology, the world is yet to figure out how to plan a 100% successful trip. Most of us still have a bitter taste in our mouths owing to a trip that could never make it to the road or one where something went wrong. But what if we tell you that even the royal family, the upholders of monarchy, cannot do it either?


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There is an abundance of paparazzi-clicked pictures of the royal family getting in or out of planes in their fabulous outfits. However, the ground reality is much more complicated. While the most an ordinary man needs to travel is money and a passport, a royal family trip needs planning of six months or more before they board a plane. Let us take you through the nitty-gritty details of what lies behind the royal family’s travels.


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Traveling rules that the royal family follows

1. Their entourage goes where they go

Among the many things that separate the royal family from the rest is the entourage dedicated to every single member. While one expects to see a group of people attending to the family at the Palace in Britain, it is surprising to find out that the monarchy also flies with their entourage.

They bring their own stylist, hairdresser, etc. wherever they are headed. Flying with royalty is just among the many perks that members of the royal staff enjoy. However, this is a pleasure not many of Middleton and Prince William’s staff enjoy considering how the couple is famous for having a very small entourage.

2. The royal family is not above immigration laws

The family upholding the Crown in Britain is popular even in countries that do not uphold the institution of monarchy. As a token of respect, the King or Queen receives a courtesy no matter which part of the world they travel to.


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However, this only happens if they have a legal passport and pass the security check of the particular country. Every member of the royal family is required to have a passport except for the Crown, as stated on the royal family’s official website.

3. Traveling doesn’t equal vacations for the royal family

Looking at the pictures of the members of the royal family smiling brightly at famous monuments around the world, one cannot help but call them privileged. However, the royal family travel trips are the farthest thing from a vacation.

Something that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have touched upon in detail in their docuseries. The royal family travels not only in style but also with a jam-packed schedule. Therefore, even if they visit a country that they wanted to travel to, they visit it as a part of their job.

4. Knowing the basic language of the country is necessary

Royal family travels are not a vacation, and this is further proof. Being a part of the respected institution of the monarchy of Britain, the royals cannot show up to a country without at least knowing their greetings.

Much like how the Queen receives a courtesy, the royal family members also learn the etiquette of the country they are visiting. When you are a member of the family that upholds the Crown, you represent not only the monarchy but Britain. Therefore, it is important for them to leave a good impression.


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5. The first in line to the throne and the second cannot travel together

This is not an official, but a royal practice. For obvious reasons, the royal family avoids setting up two heirs to the throne on the same plane. However, this practice has withered with time, considering how Prince Harry and Prince William have traveled together several times.

This may have been the case when Prince Harry did not exit as a working member of the royal family. Among all the rules mentioned above, Prince Harry and Prince William must cherish this one, considering all the drama.


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These are a few among the dozen protocols that the members of the Crown follow when they are traveling. Which one did you find the most surprising? Let us know in the comments below.



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