Ryan Reynolds Who Angered Blake Lively by Sliding Into Someone’s DM Now Desires To Slide in a Bollywood Actor’s DM

Published 08/27/2022, 9:30 PM EDT

Every now and then, Ryan Reynolds is in the news for his movies and recently for his investments. Ryan’s love for Bollywood is known to all. Time and again, the Deadpool star has expressed his appreciation for Bollywood movies. Recently, Ryan made a surprising confession of his wish to slide into a Bollywood celebrity’s DMs (direct messages) and guess who is it?

Ryan is currently promoting his OTT docu-series Welcome To Wrexham with Rob McElhenney. In a recent interview, Ryan and Rob had to answer a strange question. The interviewer asked the two to name any Indian celebrities whose DMs they would like to slide into. Rob named nobody, fearing his wife Kaitlin Olson would also be watching the interview. However, Ryan, without wasting another second, took an Indian celebrity’s name, and no, it is not an actress.


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Whose DMs is Ryan Reynolds planning to slide into?

The actor that got the Deadpool star’s attention is someone who starred in some of the top Bollywood movies. Ryan confessed he would love to randomly DM Ranveer Singh. “Pretty sure everyone in India wants to do it too,” the actor further added.

If you follow Bollywood, the name Ranveer Singh is likely to ring a bell. Apart from being an outstanding performer, the actor’s energy and fashion sense are immaculate. Previously, Singh also voiced Ryan in Hindi for Deadpool 2. The two actors also had a hilarious interaction on Twitter. Ranveer had a few things to say after the dubbing. The Bajirao Mastani actor tweeted:

Reynolds also had a befitting response to Ranveer’s tweet.

In reply, Ranveer admitted that he is a fan of Reynolds since the 90s.

In the interview, Ryan also talked about his upcoming series Welcome To Wrexham on Disney+Hotstar. Based on a soccer team, the series will follow how Ryan took over the ownership of the Welsh football team, Wrexham Association Football Club.


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Blake Lively not a fan of Ryan’s random DMs

This is not the first time Reynolds has slid into someone’s DMs out of the blue. In the past, Ryan once messaged his American counterpart Rob McElhenney. Ryan revealed he messaged Rob to praise him for his performance in one of the episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live. 


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Strangely, Ryan had never met Rob before. The two are now also co-owners of the third oldest soccer club in the world, Wrexham. However, it seems like Ryan’s wife Blake Lively is not impressed with Ryan sliding into people’s DMs.


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Ryan also admitted he found himself in some hot water with his wife after he purchased the soccer team, keeping Blake in the dark and that they are still working through the incident. Hopefully, Blake has forgiven Ryan now and we all can look forward to Ryan’s OTT release Welcome to Wrexham.

But how do you think Blake would react if Reynolds slid into Ranveer Singh’s DMs? Comment below.



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