Royal Doppelgänger Alert: Meghan Markle’s Duplicate Wishes to Play the Duchess of Sussex in ‘The Crown’

Published 02/14/2023, 6:00 PM EST

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Netflix’s acclaimed show The Crown dramatizes the events during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Spanning 5 seasons, the series has already picked up a Golden Globes and an Emmy. Since the show deals with events that span several decades, the show cast new faces to play older or newer characters. Recently, it dealt with Princess Diana and King Charles’ timeline. So, it’s just a matter of time before the next important female figure makes an entry: Kate Middleton. Unfortunately, we will never get to the story of Meghan Markle and her romance with Prince Harry!

But if the show’s creators have a change of heart and reverse the decision once again to continue the series beyond the 2000s, Netflix will not have to look too far to cast the Duchess of Sussex, as Markle’s doppelgänger has just emerged, taking the internet by storm. 

Christine Primrose Mathis is the spitting image of Meghan Markle


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The TikToker Christine Primrose Mathis is currently getting a lot of attention for her uncanny resemblance to Meghan Markle. Mathis told Express that fans have often mistaken her for the royal member. It began when Lilibet’s mother was starring in Suits. And when the news of her engagement with Prince Harry broke, the attention she received reached an all-time high. 

Mathis feels flattered and now hopes to land some roles in Hollywood with her newfound fame. But she particularly wishes to play the royal wife in the celebrated TV show, The Crown, as per her latest TikTok.

And if that does not pan out, she would love to portray her in a feature film. Christine has already signed up with a talent agency. She recently flew to California for photoshoots and obliged fans requesting her to imitate the Duchess of Sussex in custom videos. 


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The Crown season 6 to showcase Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance


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Although The Crown was supposed to end with season 5, now the show will come to an end with season 6. The sixth installment will revolve around the younger days of the Cambridges and their blossoming romance. 19-year-old Meg Bellamy is taking on the role opposite Rufus Kampa, 16. 


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As much as fans would love to watch Markle’s entry into the royal family, the creators will just stop shy of covering the very recent events. This is to maintain the show’s status as a historical drama and dealing with current events may just incite more controversy!

Do you want to see Christine play the Duchess of Sussex in The Crown? Share your thoughts in the comment box.



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