Retrace The Journey Of Yennefer In ‘The Witcher’ With Anya Chalotra

Published 01/19/2022, 2:30 PM EST

The most beautiful thing about fantasy dramas series is that it allows the characters time and space to evolve. While the primary focus of the second season of the Netflix Original The Witcher was indeed Ciri and her growth, there were other major characters that had great development arcs for themselves. One of which was Yennefer. She went through a lot of trouble through the course of the series, but in the end, she was on the right side.

Actress Anya Chalotra herself sat down and talked about what it was like to become Yennefer in the show. Yen is indeed one of the most important characters in the series. She, along with Geralt and Ciri, makes the three concrete pillars on which The Witcher stands.

Where things picked up for Yennefer in The Witcher Season 2


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The second season started off right from the events that took place in the season 1 finale without any additional plot. While it was a happy ending for Ciri and Geralt, it was Yennefer who was in great pain. At the Battle of Sodden Hill, Yen used Fire Magic to make sure the Nilfgaardian army doesn’t win the battle. We all were worried about what might have happened to her. Luckily she made it out alive, but sadly lost the only thing that was dear to her, her magic. Paying the price for using Fire Magic.

We see Yen becoming a normal human in season, staying alive only because of her survival instincts. She uses her mind and wit to get her out of critical situations, which is really interesting to see.

Yen returns to Aretuza

Yen finally reaches Aretuza, only to be stripped of her achievements. She has to give the entire credit of the win to Vilgefotrz. She is then tortured by Stregobor, as he mistrusts the mage for being the captive of the enemy. A part of Stregbor’s hatred for Yen comes from her Elven lineage.

He then asked her to prove her loyalty and to do that, she must kill the Nilfgaardian prisoner that is held captive in Aretuza. They ask Yen to kill Cahir, who, even though is technically the bad guy, still does not deserve to die like this. Yennefer instead freed him, and the duo together run away to safety.


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What does Yennefer truly want in The Witcher?

As we move forward in the second season of The Witcher, we realize that Yennefer just wants to regain her magic. But is it entirely true? While talking about Yennefer, actress Anya Chalotra said, “Her drive in Season 2 is to get her powers back, but her ultimate goal is to find a bond. And unconditional love, a connection.


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By the end of the season, we see Yennefer regaining her magic and also finding the bond she was looking for. She now has Geralt by her side, a daughter in Ciri, and a really great friend in Jaskier. We will see where season 3 takes Yennefer and her little newfound family. Until then, all you can do is re-watch the first two seasons of the show.


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