Questions We Have After Bridgerton Season 2 Trailer

Published 03/12/2022, 8:30 PM EST

Bridgerton season 2 is just around the corner. Following the release of the teasers and the official trailer, fans are more excited than ever. This season of the show looks just as glorious as the previous one. But one section of the fandom whose excitement is through the roof is, of course, the book readers. They saw numerous changes being made into the plot, which, of course, raises several other questions. Here’s what popped into our minds:

Who will replace Simon in the Pall Mall game?


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The pall-mall game is of high significance in the Bridgerton household. It is a game the siblings have been playing for years and are passionate about. It is also a pivotal turning point between the relationship of two leads The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Following the departure of Regé-Jean Page from the show, fans are curious as to who will replace him in the series, especially during the game of pall-mall.

Will Mr. Bagley make an appearance?

Those who have read the book know that one of the most significant changes made from the book into the Netflix series is Edwina’s interest in Anthony. In the book, her attraction towards him is only fleeting as she gravitates towards her type of men- the scholarly kind, something Anthony is miles away from. In the trailer, we see Kate persistently tell her sister how Anthony is not the right person for her, indicating more interest from her side.

This poses the question of whether or not viewers will be seeing Mr. Bagley. Bagley is Edwina’s match in the book. Seeing her interest in Anthony in the trailer, we’re not sure whether he will be there.

Will Lady Whistledown be stopped or exposed?

A recurring plotline from the previous season is that of Lady Whistledown. In fact, as most viewers recall, season 1 of the Netflix series ended with a big revelation about her identity. This was to add to the thrill of the series and give the viewers something to cling to until the release of the next season. However, her identity is not revealed until the fourth book in the book series. Will this revelation change anything or will Lady Whistledown continue to work in shadows?

Who is the woman with Benedict?

Benedict is the second eldest Bridgerton child. With Daphne happily married to Simon and the focus on Anthony this season, we know the third season is going to focus on Benedict’s life and his love interest. The woman in the book that manages to allure him is Sophie. However, the trailer shows him copulating with another woman. Will this change the plot for the third season or we are seeing minor changes in Benedict’s characterization?

Is love in cards for other Bridgerton siblings?

It is not just Benedict that is getting ready for a season full of complicated love interests while his brother is off to get married. Eloise, as free-spirited as she claims she wants to be, seems to have found someone. The tension between Penelope and Colin isn’t low either. While Bridgerton season 2 will not entirely focus on them, we know for a fact that the creators certainly are setting up the stage for the same.

How does Lady Danbury know the Sharmas?

In the book The Viscount Who Loved Me, the Sheffields (Sharmas) move to London and find their way about. However, the trailer shows Lady Danbury introducing the Sharmas to the Queen. This relation poses yet another question: How does Lady Danbury know the Sharmas?


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Who will be the diamond this season?

Ah, the most essential question of season 2 of the Netflix Original. Who will be the diamond of the season when Anthony is to be wedded? From the looks of it, Edwina stands out the most. But again, from the looks of it, Daphne was supposed to stand out the most in season 1. That changed after the unfurling of certain events and the arrival of Marina Thompson. So, maybe, things might not go in the order we’re expecting them to.


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This long, long list of questions makes the wait for Bridgerton season 2 even more excruciating. However, this is the perfect time to re-watch the first season of the show to make sure all details are fresh in your mind when you go to stream the second on March 25!



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