“Paul Walker was before me” – Brendan Fraser Shares the Crazy Story About Almost Playing Superman Before Henry Cavill

Published 02/18/2023, 9:30 AM EST

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Brendan Fraser is having a resurgence lately thanks to his role in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. The movie about an overweight person dealing with his weight and his estranged daughter has received critical acclaim and so did his role in the flick alongside Netflix’s darling Sadie Sink. However, despite the love that he is getting, he is still majorly known for starring in one of the best franchises of the 90s, The Mummy.

The actor became a global star with The Mummy. However, right after the success of The Mummy, he was about to tackle another popular role, Superman. Even before Henry Cavill played the man from Krypton, both he and Paul Walker were in line to don the cape! 

Brendan Fraser was afraid to become a one-trade pony with Superman 


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The Canadian had auditioned for the Superman role way back in 2002-2003. In fact, even the late Paul Walker tried out for the role. “I remember Paul Walker was before me,” he revealed on The Howard Stern Show. While the actor knew it was a life-changing role, he was also very much aware of the limitations of the suit once he wears it. 

Once he donned the red and blue suit, he would risk becoming a one-trade pony. The character would become synonymous with him. Fraser struggled to reconcile with the fact that it would be etched on his gravestone. Well, Henry Cavill remains synonymous with Clark Kent. Even though he is no longer the savior of humankind, the fans still consider him one. 

And that is exactly what Brendan Fraser did not want. He prided in his versatility and wanted to be known as the jack of all trades. Since his heart was not in it, the actor admitted that he did not give his 100% to the role. 


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His Superman film never came to fruition 

Titled Superman: Flybay, J.J Abrams was attached to the project as a scriptwriter. However, the film never happened. The 54-year-old revealed studio shenanigans and politics behind closed doors were the reason behind it. And he also partly blamed his apparent hesitation during the audition. 


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Although Fraser dodged a bullet with that one, he did consider it a great opportunity. Had he played the Kryptonian, his career may not have suffered in the 2000s. 

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