Parenting Experts Debate Poles Apart Views on the Netflix Comfort Show ‘Old Enough’ Featuring Adorable Toddlers

Published 04/11/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

Netflix has a knack for selecting shows with the most bizarre concepts. That might be a reason for the streaming site’s monumental success. But it comes with its fair share of criticism and debate. Old Enough on Netflix is the newest to this line of shows with a somewhat weird concept.

Old Enough is a Japanese show that has left experts confused about what the show teaches people. Let us take a look at what the show is about and why it is such a hot topic for discussion.

What is Old Enough on Netflix about?


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In Old Enough, children as young as two years old do things like grocery shopping, traveling a mile to and from home, and navigating public transportation on their own. Cameras follow the youngster from afar as they complete errands and challenges assigned by their parents and the show’s creators.

For more than 30 years, the off-the-wall entertainment series has been a hit on Japanese television.

The children’s travels in Old Enough are meticulously planned and sanctioned by their parents. The camera and safety personnel are trained to respond if something goes wrong.

For the first time this year, Netflix is airing a show’s season, but the content was shot in 2013. Each section, which lasts anywhere from eight to twenty minutes, focuses on a single youngster.


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So when a show is entirely focusing on two-year-olds, people, especially parents, have their apprehensions.

The show has two experts debating

While talking about the show, two experts on parenting had different thoughts and opinions. Lenore Skenazy, the president of Let Grow, felt that the show was very encouraging to watch, and it taught children from a young age to be independent.

“It’s nice to turn on the TV, and a see a show where kids run errands and are happy and successful,” she says.


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Lenore further explains how parenting cultures are different in America and in Japan. “In America, we only see kids as being in danger,”  Lenore explains.

In comparison to Lenore, Tanith Carey, an author of books on parenting, feels that even though it is good to teach children to become independent by giving them takes. But the level of the task should be appropriate to their age.


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Tanith further expresses her concerns about the content that the show is producing. She feels “It errs on the side of making young children figures of fun and laughing at them by asking them to perform tasks they are not developmentally ready for.”

We will let you decide if the show is appropriate or not. Meanwhile, you can stream it on Netflix.



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