One Piece Live-Action: Matt Owens Unveils How Season One Sets the Stage for an Epic Storyline

Published 10/05/2023, 11:53 PM EDT

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One Piece live-action series is arguably the biggest outing for Netflix this year. The project took the world by storm shortly after its release, setting new benchmarks for the streamer. Interestingly, while the series came to an end a while ago, the hype surrounding the project is still immense. Multiple speculations about the upcoming seasons have already started hitting the internet in recent times. 

Not long ago, Netflix green-lit the production of the sequel of the One Piece live-action series. Since then, the fans have stormed the internet with their predictions and theories. In the midst of the rumors surrounding One Piece season 2, showrunner Matt Owens had a few things to say about the series’s future. 

Matt Owens reveals gives season 2 update


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Following an incredible season one, Matt Owens recently sat down in an interview with Deadline about where the show is headed. The showrunner made some exciting revelations about season 2 and even revealed how season one set the base for a sequel. While describing the ending of the first season, Owens spoke about how the season concludes, with Luffy gaining notoriety and raising his status in the pirate world. While he achieved what he always wanted, it also puts him as a target among the other pirates.

Owens further added, “And so that tag at the end is really reinforcing that idea that there are people who now know of Luffy’s existence, and they’re going to try to put a stop to him.” Meanwhile, he revealed how the character towards the end was essential for the storyline in the future. Interestingly, Owens hinted towards a Marine antagonist who might rise to prominence in the forthcoming season.


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Elsewhere, Owens gave the fans delightful news about season 2. Now that the months-long Writer’s protest has ended, the creators are back at work. The showrunner even spilled the beans on the antagonist Marine who might grace our screens.

Who is the Marine antagonist?


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With season 2 in the works, One Piece will premiere some prominent faces from the legendary manga series. Not long ago, reports suggested that Jamie Lee Curtis might be starring as Doctor Kureha in the sequel. And it seems Kureha is not the only new addition to the series. While speaking about the upcoming Marine, Owens revealed that he is a prevalent character who appeared in several mangas.

Moreover, the showrunner seems eager for the fans to come across the character. Owens admitted that he loved to tease the fans and keep them guessing about what might come next. While bringing the character to life is a challenging task, the creator indeed seems excited about the same.


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