Netflix Releases the First Trailer of Much Awaited ‘Money Heist’ Spin-off ‘Berlin’ Series

Published 11/28/2023, 9:27 AM EST

The five-season extravaganza that broke down language barriers and put Netflix on the top of the charts, is back with some more heisting. Years after the thievery mastermind show captivated audiences, the streaming giant is taking one more deep dive with a closer look at one of its most beloved characters. A prequel to Money Heist, Berlin follows the tale of Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin as he unravels his plans to sleuth his way through a big heist in Paris. The latest trailer offered a look at how it all will unfold.

It opened with Berlin atop an auction house in Paris, calculating his moves meticulously. The tension in the air was palpable as on the stake lay a staggering sum of €44 million that the titular character had his eyes upon. The further shots also took the audience on a visit to other European cities alongside a group of specialists.

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