Netflix Leaves Fans Wanting for More, As ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Drops Featuring the LA’s Hottest Advocate

Published 07/09/2023, 1:30 PM EDT

Get ready for another thrilling season of the top-rated Netflix series, The Lincoln Lawyer. Netflix has never disappointed its audience and has delivered thrilling shows, that glue viewers to their screens. And now, the streamer is all set to deliver another thrilling season of the courtroom drama that has caused quite a wave for having one of the hottest lawyers on screen. With Netflix dropping in a new video, the fans are abuzz with excitement. The second season is all set to delve deeper into the newfound fame of Mickey Haller, building upon the success of the first season. From his new love interest on the screen to navigating bigger cases, Haller is living the big courtroom lawyer dream.

Based on the book ‘The Fifth Witness’, this season will definitely bring on more suspense, legal battles, and the undeniable charisma of The Lincoln Lawyer. This David E. Kelley series is all set for a fancy relaunch of Haller, who will no longer practice out of his van. The newspaper covers, lunches in expensive restaurants, and ahem, new love interests too. 


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The stakes look pretty high for the LA-based lawyer in the new preview and of course, he does a fantastic job at making the fans want more and more. The first season left the fans wanting more and more, and the preview by Netflix teased them just right. With Haller’s new love interests and bigger courtroom dramas, the season is set with thrill, drama, romance, and some perfectly timed comedy. 


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Interestingly, it is Mickey Haller. How can we see him on a big screen and not expect some backhanded exciting twists? The fans were left wanting more, not just from the heartthrob of a lawyer, but from his love interest too. 

Fans want more of The Lincoln Lawyer, love the on-screen duo

Netflix Tudum dropped the new video of season 2, and this time it’s both Mickey Haller and Lisa Tramell on fans’ minds. The defense attorney meets the restaurant owner and sparks fly. The sparks fly higher as the stakes grow and Haller finds himself sitting opposite Trammel. Something bad has conspired leading to Haller representing Tramell as her lawyer, and the tension inside and outside the courtroom has the Twitterati in a frenzy.  

Something has definitely conspired between the two on-screen love interests, and the fans just can’t keep calm. A fan already wishes for more seasons.

While others just can’t wait to see how the trial unfolds with Haller as Tramell’s attorney.

Others are getting their subscriptions back just to watch Lana Parrilla on screen!

With this season, it’s not just Mickey Haller capturing fans’ hearts but Lana Parrilla is all over the Twitter replies.


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Netflix has received the nod of approval for signing Parrilla from fans as well.


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Netflix has definitely “raised the bar” with The Lincoln Lawyer. Who are you excited to watch on screen this new season? Let us know in the comments.



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