Netflix Announces the Pod Are Officially Open With a New Trailer for Love Is Blind Season 2 

Published 02/03/2022, 10:30 AM EST

After debuting in 2020, the hit Netflix show, Love is Blind makes a return during the Valentine season. Love is Blind season 2 trailer hints at new relationships, loads of drama, and some bitter fallouts. The original hosts, couple Vanessa and Nick Lachey usher the viewers in with the opening line, “The pods are officially open!” And we are just as excited as you are! 

Love in Blind season 2 trailer

As we see in the trailer, some of them are here to find their better half. One even says, “I’m here to find my wife“, while the other is here to nurse his broken heart. “I haven’t  found someone that appreciates my love as much as I appreciate theirs,” he says. 


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We meet another contestant talking about her insecurities that always stopped her from pursuing her love interests. Growing up I was a lot heavier. It’s something I’m constantly insecure about“, she says.

Viewers will be treated to the usual reality fare along with a discovery of self love this new season. 

Another contestant joked that this would be a fun story to tell their kids, “I met your dad, while I was dating 14 other guys!” 

Fan reaction to the trailer

Ever since the announcement, Twitter has been abuzz with the show’s comeback.

@blkmathmagic shares how she struggled to convince people to tune into the show just so she could discuss the events. 

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What is Love is Blind season 2 all about?


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Love is Blind season 2 will take place in Chicago, with 30 new singles who are looking to find meaningful connections. The premise is simple: participants take part in a social experiment to find whether love is truly blind. The contestants are encouraged to take part in speed dating, while the pods separate them physically. The couples meet once they are engaged to finally get married and turn their emotional connection into a physical one. 

Laureed Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton, and Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike, were the two couples that stayed together after the show’s first season concluded. The happy pairs completed their third anniversary. Meanwhile, the unmarried couple, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers were reported to have broken up in 2021. 

The first episode is to drop on Feb 11 on Netflix. Save the date! 


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