Navigate the Mystical Continent of ‘The Witcher’ With This World Map Uncovering Every Corner of the Franchise

Published 01/26/2024, 3:18 AM EST

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The Witcher proudly wears the crown of one of the greatest franchises ever conceived, and there is more to it than meets the eye. This sprawling narrative unfurled against the backdrop of Central and Eastern Europe, where a complex conflict threaded its way throughout the storyline. Across the series, viewers have been treated to a visual feast of forests, valleys, waterfalls, and medieval towns with castles that spanned different countries worldwide, from Spain and Hungary to Poland, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

Keeping tabs on the locations of the continent at all times, however, can sometimes be a little tricky. So, here is a breakdown of the important locations in The Witcher that will help in tracing the footsteps of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. 



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Situated in the far north of The Witcher map, the modest town of Blaviken graced the coast of the Gulf of Praxeda. During the infamous “Butchering“, it was part of King Audoen’s territory, before becoming a piece of Redania. It was in Blaviken that Geralt’s path crossed with the exiled princess Renfri, sparking a fleeting yet tragic romance. Geralt’s moniker, “The Butcher of Blaviken” is a different story altogether. It found its roots in a tale from the lore. In Blaviken, Geralt received a commission from the wizard Stregobor to assassinate the exiled princess Renfri. 

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Following an intimate night where Renfri altered the terms, requesting Geralt to target Stregobor instead. Rejecting both proposals, Geralt found himself entangled in a moral web when Renfri and her bandits threatened the village. Faced with no other choice, Geralt found himself compelled to take down both the bandits and Renfri in the end. Stregobor’s disregard for the villagers left Geralt with a moral imperative. However, the villagers, ignorant of the ultimatum, perceived Geralt’s actions as an unjustifiable massacre of bandits. This misinterpretation led to the infamous title, “The Butcher of Blaviken”. 

Aretuza and Thanedd Island

Thanedd Island occupied a crucial spot on The Witcher map and rested in the bay northwest of Gors Velen in Temeria. As part of the Sorceress Academy of Aretuza, it became the stage for a gathering of sorceresses and mages, where unseen threats brought death. The primary conflict of the show centered around the mage who betrayed all other mages and the quest for Ciri. Aretuza played a crucial role in the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, hosting both official and secret events. 

At the heart of Thanedd’s story was The Thanedd Coup- an iconic element from Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher book series. The Thanedd Coup played a key role in allowing Nilfgaard to seize control in the Northern War. This event emerged as one of the most critical occurrences in the entire Witcher saga, initiating the formation of alliances and setting the stage for the journeys of Geralt and Ciri. In fact, it was at this particular moment in Season 3 that suggested a promising comeback of the show

Lower Posada, Dol Blathanna, and the Blue Mountains

Lower Posada and the former elven kingdom of Dol Blathanna became focal points in The Witcher season 1, episode 2, Four Marks. Although technically a part of the Blue Mountains, Dol Blathanna resided in the far southern foothills, often treated as a distinct region. The Elder Speech term “Dol Blathanna” translates to “The Valley of the Flowers,” embodying the kingdom’s essence as the last elven stronghold. It was believed to be the sole location where feainnewedd, a rare elven flower, naturally bloomed. Due to the events of the Great Cleansing, elves were compelled to abandon Dol Blathanna.

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It was in this kingdom that Geralt and Jaskier found themselves captured while on a mission to hunt a “devil”. On the show, Jaskier figured he might as well tag along with Geralt on his mountain adventure, hoping to catch a bit of inspiration for his songs. And not too far from Dol Blathanna, down in the southwest, was Yennefer’s hometown, Vengerberg. 


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Dol Blathanna eventually ends up being the symbol of “home”-basically, any place where elves can kick back, live the good life, and rule themselves and also the beginning of lores that changed the public perception of The Butcher of Blaviken.


Temeria, holding its own among the northern crew, found its spot south of the Pontar River, rubbing its borders with Redania, Kerack, Kaedwen, Aedirn, Mahakam, Lower Sodden, and Cidaris. Following the first and second wars, Temeria struck gold after giving Nilfgaard a good beating. They stretched their borders down to Angren and Riverdell, even giving a nod to the Amell mountains. However, the economy took a hit, and they had to start splurging on stuff from down south. 

While celebrated for its politeness and residence of formidable sorcerers and well-known adventurers, Temeria bore a notable inclination towards xenophobia, especially directed at the Elder Race. Geralt swung by Temeria in The Witcher season 1, episode 3, Betrayer Moon. King Foltest took the throne in Temeria, and when Nilfgaard started stirring trouble, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers sent Triss Merigold to the royal court to lend a hand. Eventually, Triss and Geralt teamed up to handle the chaos for Temeria’s locals.

Redania, Rinde, and Nevellen’s Mansion

The affluent hub of Rinde, Redania, is distinguished for its wealth, serving as a grain supplier to the Continent and excelling in horse husbandry. Redania, deeply rooted in noble traditions, grappled with pronounced economic disparities. Here, knowledge wielded significant influence, and King Vizimir commissioned Dijkstra to oversee the most extensive spy network on the Continent- Redanian Intelligence. It was the very place where Geralt engaged in a street skirmish with Renfri and her men in Blaviken. 

The initial encounter between Geralt and Yennefer took place in The Witcher Season 1, Episode 5, Bottled Appetites, marking their first meeting in the Redanian town of Rinde. Following an assault by a djinn that left Jaskier in critical need of magical intervention, Geralt transported him to Rinde, only to discover that Yennefer had taken residence in the mayor’s house. In The Witcher Season 2, Redania played host to Nevellen’s mansion, located in the untouched woodlands to the south. 

Brokilon Forest

Brokilon, an ancient forest queendom sheltering dryads, was the lone nonhuman state in the northern realms. Magical water flowed through Brokilon Forest that carried the ability to heal and wipe away memories of pain and suffering. If someone with bad intentions drank the water, they would not survive, but if they were kind, they would live. As war happened everywhere else, Brokilon became a safe place for those who needed protection.

In The Witcher Season 1, Episode 4, Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials, Ciri found herself in a magical forest called Brokilon. Here, she encountered a group of dryads who guarded the forest, though they could not protect her for very long. Brokilon Forest was also a refuge for Cintran refugees escaping Nilfgaard’s invasion. 

Caingorn and the Dragon Mountains

Seated as the northernmost pearl on the Continent, Caingorn sprawled at the foot of a perilous mountain range, flanked by Barefield, Malleore, and Creyden. It was the hotspot for dragon hunters. Post the First Treaty of Lan Exeter, Benda of Kaedwen snagged the official privilege to parade the title “sovereign of Caingorn and Malleore” in official documents. In The Witcher Season 1, Episode 6, Rare Species, Geralt found himself in cahoots with a man named Borch, who enlisted to track down a dragon sporting a bounty on its head. 

The Dragon Mountains, residing in the extreme north of the Continent, held their own secrets, uncharted by the footsteps of humankind, as recounted in the annals of lore. The Dragon Mountain range concealed a hidden bounty of riches, allegedly coal and diamonds, a tale passed down through generations as shared by Julian about his grandfather. Located against the northernmost edge of The Witcher map, the mountainous region of Caingorn also graced the southwest of Kaer Morhen, the retreat where the last surviving witchers find their haven.

Kaer Morhen

Kaer Morhen, the former abode of the School of the Wolf, stood as one of the most storied locales on The Witcher map. Once majestically positioned in the kingdom of Kaedwen, this mighty fortress now lies in ruins as a reminder to witchers of a once-glorious era. Despite its name, Kaer Morhen, which translates to “Keep of the Sea,” no sea graces its vicinity today. This fortress was where young children underwent the grueling alchemical process known as the Trial of Grasses to shape them into witchers. 


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It was also the very place where Geralt underwent his training, where his mentor Vesemir still resides, and where they uncovered the revelation that Ciri’s Elder Blood holds the secret to forging new witchers. Within the confines of Kaer Morhen’s armory, there are several remnants of a bygone age, each bearing its own legendary origin story. From Klef’s crystal dagger to Deglan’s armor and Vesemir’s Lab Axe, the armory’s cache included fully functional weapons and witcher memorabilia, acting as a custodian of history for the witchers who have passed through its robust walls over the years. 


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