Movies That Are Not Horror but Feels Like Horror

Published 10/31/2021, 6:35 AM EDT

Movies that give us a sense of fear somehow feel exciting, but not everyone likes to watch horror movies. They manage to avoid them since it is specified in their description that it is a horror film. But what if you cannot recognize if a movie is of the horror genre or not? Well, here is a list of horror movies on Netflix that are not horror, but feel like horror.

These movies are really very deceiving, and will probably make you question every movie you choose after watching them; they go on to prove that you do not need ghosts, demons, or fantasy features to create horror. You can do it in the most wicked and simple ways too.

Schindler’s List


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Based on the Schindler’s Ark, a historical fiction novel by Australian novelist Thomas Keneally published in 1982; this movie is about a German industrialist who saved at least a thousand Polish-Jewish people. He saved them from the holocaust as he employed them at his factories during the events of World War 2. While on the surface it may not seem something that will scare you, it has deeper underlying themes.

It is a man’s attempt to save hundreds of lives while he loses track of his own. It shows us there horrors of World War 2, the holocaust, and everything else that the German nation went through. Schindler, the protagonist of the movie, literally spends everything he has in order to secure safety for his Polish-Jewish workers, but has to flee the country as he was a member of the Nazi party. Towards the end, the workers give him a ring engraved with a Talmudic quotation: “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

The Platform

This Spanish social-science fiction movie is, at times, said to be rather disturbing. The movie is set in a vertical tower-like Self-Management Center, with 30 different floors. The plot is that these people are fed using a platform that starts at the top and gradually reaches the people at the lowest levels. While the people on higher floors have more food and choices at their disposal, the people on lower floors have to make do with whatever is left.

The movie kind of scares you and is a very brave commentary on the capitalist world that we are living in. It may not give you the traditional fear that we all are aware of, but it will surely send chills down your spine.

The Terminator

Who does not know about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Terminator, but you have to agree that at some level this movie is scary. I mean two time-travelers, making their way to Los Angeles; where one of them is a cyborg trying to kill a woman and the other is a human trying to protect her.

The final scenes of the movie where the terminator is chasing down Sarah can give you chills. While the movie truly is a science-fiction, it has all the ability in the world to scare people. Hence, it can honestly be considered as one of the horror movies on Netflix.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Holocaust is one of the most horrific things that the world has witnessed. It is no surprise that the movies around it are gloomy too; also scary. The Boy in Striped Pajamas is based on a 2006 novel of the same name, which tells the story of friendship with the background of Nazi Germany.


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The movie stars Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield, one of the leads Bruno; a German boy who befriends a Jewish kid from the Concentration Camp which he thinks is a farm. While both of the kids are completely oblivious to the things going around them, they develop a very special and innocent bond. Shmuel, the Jewish boy, tells Bruno that his father is missing; hearing that Bruno being an innocent child he is, decides to help his friend find his dad.

Towards the end, both these kids are taken into a gas chamber, which they think is just a shelter to save them from rain; and they die. This movie is happy, sad, and at times absolutely horrifying as it shows us the damage humans can cause to other humans.

Let us know what are your favorite horror movies on Netflix in the comments?


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