Money Heist Fandom – The Craze, the Resistance, and the Celebration

Published 01/26/2022, 2:30 PM EST

If there is one show that took the entire world by storm in the past few years, it is Netflix’s Money Heist. What started a small Spanish heist drama became one of the biggest non-English shows on the planet. To be honest, it is not just a show anymore; it is a global sensation, almost like a religion that people follow with love and dedication. Fans celebrated the show’s ending like a festival, and here we will have a look at some of them.

Money Heist ended a few weeks ago, and it was an adventure of a lifetime. We never thought that we will be so connected to a group of robbers in red jumpsuits and Dali masks, but here we are. So let us all come together and sing Bella Ciao for one last time, as we celebrate the craze, the resistance, and the sensation of La Casa de Papel.

India’s own Money Heist Fan Anthem


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While the world waited for the last season of the show with sleepless nights and anxiety, Indians took the waiting to a whole another level. Netflix India came up with a Money Heist Fan Anthem; which was kind of like a prayer asking season 5 to arrive as soon as possible. At first, it feels a little weird to hear something like that, but it eventually grows on you. With some of the biggest names from the film industry of the country coming together to make the video, it shows how great of a fandom the Netflix Orignal boasts.

The movie stars featured in the video include Anil Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Rana Daggubati, Vikrant Massey, Shruti Haasan, and many more. The video also features famous cricketer Hardik Pandya. Check out a little puppet number displayed in the video, too.

Flash Mobs in Red Jumpsuits

The red jumpsuits have become a signature for the Spanish drama. Hence, its fans celebrate the show by wearing the same costume. On one such occasion was A Flash Mob Dance in Cyprus, where a group of people came together to perform at the Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia.

Halloween Cosplays


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Halloween is undoubtedly the best time to wear costumes from your favorite shows and movies. Fans dressed in the Money Heist attire and attended one of the biggest Halloween festivals in Japan, Shibuya Halloween. It looks really very exciting, definitely makes one want to join such an event.

While the journey of Money Heist has ended, we still have a lot coming from the franchise; including a spinoff series and a Korean version of the show. Are you as excited as we are about it?


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Tell us how you celebrated the Spanish heist drama La Casa de Papel in the comments below.


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