‘Metal Lords’: Adrian Greensmith, Jaeden Martell and Isis Hainsworth Walk Us Through Their Favorite Scenes

Published 04/11/2022, 5:30 PM EDT

Say what you will about Netflix, but they have really great directors directing their films. Now whether all of their movies are good is certainly debatable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a few good scenes for us to enjoy. Metal Lords by Netflix is another film that has some really great scenes.

In a new segment that Netflix calls Shot By Shot, where actors break down their scenes. Three of the main actors in the film talk about their scenes in the movie. And they gave us an insight into shooting the scenes.

Scene by scene break down of Metal Lords by Netflix


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Hunter’s (Adrian Greensmith) speech and Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Emily (Isis Hainsworth) performing music together for the first time are broken down by the cast of Metal Lords.

To start the video, Adrian talks about the speech scene from the film. In the scene, Hunter is asked to give a speech and he chooses to give it with his guitar. Adrian says that the reason he loves this scene is that in the scene Hunter expresses himself in the way he knows best.

Adrian Greensmith further explains how writers have written Hunter in a way that he is very smart and chooses his words very carefully. So his words combined with his guitar cut deep like a knife. He also gives a fun trivia about how the book Emily throws at him is not real. He calls it “movie magic.


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After that Isis talks about the scene when Emily and Jaeden’s character Kevin meet for the first time. Isis says that she personally finds the scene sweet and that it is the beginning of their relationship.


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While talking about his drumming scene Jaeden says that there was a lot of stick throwing and breaking. He says that he is sure he hit someone in the head once too. Jaeden Martell further adds that the day he broke his first stick he got so excited that he called his drumming coach to let him know.

While talking about the scene where Kevin and Isis play together for the first time. Isis says that she was very nervous so as to not get her instrument wrong but she got the hang of it later on.

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Stream the film only on Netflix. And let us know if you liked the aforementioned scenes.



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