Meet the Characters That Made All of Us Are Dead as Interesting as It Is

Published 02/04/2022, 11:30 AM EST

With its popularity growing wildly, All of Us Are Dead and its characters is certainly set to leave a mark upon fans for quite some time now. Given the rich characterization and the emotional intensity of the film, it is no surprise that fans love the characters and root for them to survive the zombie apocalypse. So, here we are, decoding each of the main characters in the show.

Nam On-Jo


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The majority of the plot of All of Us Are Dead surrounds Nam On-Jo and her survival tactics that get her and her friends out of sticky situations more than once. Her bond with Chan-young definitely adds more depth to this character. Additionally, we watch another aspect of her life that makes On-Jo a more intriguing character to viewers: her family. Her father’s dedication to save his daughter really makes the plot infinitely more intense.

Lee Cheong-San

Guinevere had Lancelot, Juliet had Romeo, Cleopatra had Antony and On-Jo has Cheong-San. The duo and their effortless synergy are what led to them being saved for so long, both inside and out of the school. Although it hasn’t been long since the show was released, Cheong-San has stayed a fan-favorite and it is no surprise!

Lee Su-Hyeok

Hyosan High doesn’t only have soft students like Cheong-San. The quota for athletic students who keep the fight going was filled by Park Solomon‘s Lee Su-Hyeok. Although he used to be the average teenage drama bully, Su-Hyeok turned himself around and gave the audiences another character they can adore as he continues to fight the undead.

Choi Nam-Ra

What’s a K-Drama without a cold yet fascinating character? People of the country seem to have a thing for this trope, and we’re not complaining! Academically superior to all of her classmates, viewers can easily see why she never got along with any of them.

Jang Ha-Ri

It wasn’t just the athletic male that saved the students from the zombies. In fact, a female archer named Jang Ha-Ri, played by Ha Seung-Ri, does most of the action on the screen. Leading her group of archer friends against the zombies, Ha-Ri proved herself to be remarkably useful as the arrows kept piercing the undead.

Yoon Gwi-Nam

Adding more depth to the Netflix Original, the creators of All of Us Are Dead decided that only the zombies weren’t enough for antagonists. Yoon Gwi-Nam serves as a primary antagonist who doesn’t hesitate to bully his classmates. In a show where each character is fighting not only for their own lives but also working hard to save their friends and family, Gwi-Nam manages to stand out by doing unimaginable things to save himself. He ensures his ends are being met even if it comes with the cost of sacrificing others.

Song Jae-Ik


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The detective of the Hyosan Police Station is a key character in All of Us Are Dead. He, along with his department, deals with the zombie outbreak. In an era where we mostly see police officers slacking off or staying ignorant, it was refreshing to watch Jae-Ik and the lengths he would go to in order to ensure the citizens’ safety.

Nam So-Ju


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Portraying a father’s love and sacrifice for his child is Nam So-Ju, On-Jo’s father. While we have seen many selfless characters through the course of the series, So-Ju and his sacrifice to rescue his daughter and her schoolmates is the most harrowing yet engaging plotline of the show.

How many of these actors did you recognize from before? And if you haven’t seen this Netflix Original, consider this your cue to stream All of Us Are Dead on Netflix NOW!



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