Marvel vs Disney, Which Characters Would You Choose For a Mind Boggling Duet? Twitterati Seems to Have an Answer For It Already

Published 12/28/2022, 2:00 PM EST

Never in your wildest imagination, you would have thought of a Marvel vs Disney showdown! While one has the power of a superhero, the other possesses the magic of fairies. While one could travel between universes, others have created a beautiful universe for themselves. And although you may think both are perfectly fine in their respective worlds, we are here for a twist.


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Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine Disney’s Olaf and Marvel’s Iceman in the middle of the battlefield. One is creating snow clouds while the other is ready with his snowflakes for a strong counterattack. And just when Olaf is about to put down his mightiest thundercloud, Elsa ends it all and emerges as the new queen of all universes. Well, only to discover later there is a huge threat lurking on her empire in the name of Black Widow.

Isn’t it fun? To watch the greatest fight matchups in a real duet? (You are not alone, we are also going insane!) Well, guess what? One of the Twitter users emerged with a big turn-on for all of us.

Here are the characters Twitterati chose for a jaw-dropping Marvel vs Disney duet

Although this apparent dream is far, far away from becoming a reality, the Twitter world mingled in a fun activity of matching up their favorite Marvel and Disney characters for a perfect showdown. You might want to check it out before Tinkerbell sprinkles her pixie dust and this whole thing takes a grand flight to oblivion forever. Apparently, Gail Simone, an award-winning writer of comics and animation stirred social media users to name their favorite characters for Disney vs Marvel, and the world has not been quiet ever since.

What she intended to prompt as a fun activity has now become an inter-universe sensation and these superhero characters are already prepping for the historic duets. Here are some of the best pair-ups, she and the fans suggested:

Are you up for bear wars?

Or would you want to see any of these on the battlefield?

Or how about Rapunzel and Medusa?

Don’t worry, we have more in stock!

Well, no one would pass a fight between Maleficent and Dr. Stranger!

We also have Mulan and Melinda May in line.

Or would you tip for Elektra fighting against Mulan instead?

We are all in for some of Maui and Thor’s showdown!

But do you know who will make up to be the cutest fighters of all time?


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So if the world around you stops spinning or the sky magically starts to change colors, you might want to raincheck on your new year plans and look for a jaw-dropping, mysterious fight happening nearby.


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Which is your pick among these? Or do you have something completely different in mind?



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