Marvel and DC Stars Join ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Cast, Check Who Else Is Coming to the Continent

Published 04/14/2022, 12:12 PM EDT

Season 2 of The Witcher ended on some very serious cliffhangers, making the wait for season 3 even more dreadful. The Netflix series showed fans the real identity of Emhyr var Emreis and also touched on The Wild Hunt. While the ending was as perfect as it could’ve been, it wasn’t enough for avid fans of the series.

However, during this time as fans await the release of season 3, Netflix has made sure they get constant updates on the show. We know that the shooting for season 3 has begun already and have also seen some of the beautiful locations we will be witnessing the characters of the show traverse. Another exciting detail shared by Netflix is that of the new cast and characters in the Netflix Original.

Robbie Amell as Gallatin


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It isn’t just Emhyr and Fringilla who were having a conflict over authority and power. Another example of this in the show, in fact, in the kingdom of Nilfgaard itself, is that of Gallatin and Francesca. While Francesca has always been loyal to her people, Gallatin’s combat prowess and dedication towards the very same people earn him their loyalty in return.

Actor Robbie Amell brings this role to life. Amell has worked as Firestorm in The Flash and is best known for his role as Stephen Jameson in The Tomorrow People.

Meng’er Zhang as Milva

Adding to the list of fierce females in the continent is Milva. This huntress is one of the best of Broklion forest, except it is revenge that she seeks.

Many fans would recognize Meng-er Zhang from Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. She plays the role of yet another warrior, Xu Xialing. Although Xialing was forced to learn martial arts on her own due to women not being allowed to train, Milva is the very opposite. She trains with the female warriors of Broklion in the Netflix Original.

Hugh Skinner as Prince Radovid

We have already caught a glimpse of King Vizimir in The Witcher. The king of Redania, along with Djikstra and Philippa Eilhart, has already intrigued many fans. Hence, they are more excited than ever to meet his son, Prince Radovid.

Another theatre actor in The Witcher, alongside Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh, is Hugh Skinner. Although Skinner has some very admirable experience in theatrical acting, having worked in classics like Tess of D’Urbervilles and Les Miserables, his work on television and films is no less either. The most recognizable among these would be his role of Harry, Fleabag’s sloppy boyfriend, from the Amazon Prime series Fleabag.

Needless to say, Harry and Prince Radovid (who is known as Radovid the Stern in the books) are two poles apart. This little detail is making fans look forward to Skinner’s work with much intrigue.

Christelle Elwin as Mistle

Females seeking revenge seems to be a running theme in The Witcher. We have seen this in Renfri right from the very first episode to Milva and now, yet again, in Mistle.


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Christelle Elwin plays the role of Mistle in the Netflix series. The actress is a newcomer to the industry.


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What do you think of the casting? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to stream The Witcher seasons 1 and 2 until the shooting of season 3 concludes.



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