Lucas on the Line: After Max, Hopper, Robin, Lucas Is Also Getting His Brand New Stranger Things Book

Published 02/24/2022, 12:30 PM EST

Just a few days ago, Netflix shared a poster for Stranger Things seasons 4 and 5. However, it feels like an eternity since we got a sneak peek into the show. Each time fans thought there was some good news, the show’s release was delayed further. With the show ending this cycle of hope and disappointment is bound to continue. Well…maybe not. There is a new Stranger Things book, and this time, Lucas is on the line.

The die-hard fans of the show will have read other Stranger Things books on Max, Hopper, Robin, and Terry Ives. But this time, the novel is about Lucas and his perspective. The novel is titled, Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line” and is written by best-selling author Suyi Davies.


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Stranger Things book: Lucas on the Line release date

The brand new Stranger Things book by Suyi Davies, Lucas on the Line will drop on July 26th, 2022. We are definitely grabbing this novel to know more about Lucas and his perspective.

What Lucas on the Line is about?

The new book explores the life of Lucas Sinclair, who is an important part of Max and Eleven’s friends’ circle. After fighting monsters and evil scientists with his friends, Lucas is still frightened to go to high school. We all have to remember our first day in high school, where finding a place we belong is quite difficult.

Lucas is facing the same problems, despite having friends. He still feels like an outsider. But by connecting with another black student at school, he found his place. He is more than just a part of Max’s friend’s circle. Now, he is not just a black teen from Hawkins, Indiana: he feels different with a lot of experience.


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More about Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is one character in Stranger Things, which we know nothing about, just that he has a sister named Erica. We are only aware of his personality. But after this novel, we are very sure we will know about his parents, how he became friends with the other boys, and what it feels like to be the only black family in the neighborhood. We are very sure Suyi Davies gave Lucas a perspective of his own.


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Suyi Davies is an expert at writing books for young adults. He is one of the best-selling authors, who wrote Black Boy Joy and also wrote another book on Minecraft. Teaming up with a publisher like Penguin Random House, we are sure the author will give us a different insight into Luca through this book.

Are you excited for this book’s release? Do you think the book will go in tandem with the upcoming season of Stranger Things? Comment down your thoughts below.



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