Locke and Key: Dodge and Her Demonic Origins

Published 10/25/2021, 9:32 AM EDT

Villians have the tendency to create a mystery around their persona – a certain dark and gloomy connection to the plot better than anyone else. The same is the case with the antagonist Dodge in Locke and Key, a character who takes up different forms, manipulates people, and makes sure everything serves her (or his) purpose. At times, this character gives all the feels of Baelish from GOT, without the magic.

However, here is the thing with great villains, they always have an amazing origin story. So, let’s find out what exactly are the origins of this hot, cute, and seriously dangerous antagonist from the Netflix Original. Please make sure you do not have any keys around you.

The story from the creator


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Talking about how exactly Dodge and her ‘origin story’ came into existence, Joe Hill, the co-creator of the comics candidly said he didn’t really know from where Dodge came. It was only after eight or nine issues when he realized Dodge needed an origin story. It was necessary to know how on earth did this villain end up in that well, and also how the hell she came to be what she is.

Eventually, he along with Gabriel Rodriguez, the illustrator of the comics sat together and created a whole back-story for this mysterious villain that existed in the comics right from the start.

The Demonic origin story

With the co-creator and the illustrator working together, the events of the Locke and Key universe finally got a backstory to follow. Everything from the Locke family to the Key House and of course Dodge now has an origin story. It is indeed mesmerizing how everything got so effortlessly and efficiently connected to each other, that it all just makes sense.

It is revealed that the magical powers and Dodge’s story are both braided together. The link that joins them both is Demons. Demons are the ones who created both of these in the first place, so in reality, the keys and Dodge are just demons that are existing in two different forms. Their unity will bring nothing but destruction.


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Dodge in Locke and Key and the various personas she takes

Is it Dodge? or is it Lucas? or wait, is it Gabe? Well, it is okay to be confused about who Dodge really is. But, you need to remember that Dodge is always bad news. She takes up the form of Gabe, this friendly guy who makes everyone trust him, but is actually the opposite. To quote the French literary genius Charles Baudelaire, “One of the artifices of Satan is, to induce men to believe that he does not exist.


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You can stream Locke and Key season 2 on Netflix now. See for yourself how the wicked and enigmatic Dodge operates.


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