Lizzie vs Grace: Who Has Tommy LOVED More in ‘Peaky Blinders’?

Published 04/03/2022, 3:30 PM EDT

Peaky Blinders season 6 is at its end game right now. This Sunday will be the last ever episode of the most thrilling crime drama show to ever grace our screens. However, as we prepare ourselves emotionally for the end of an era, we also ponder over the fact of how Lizzie is being treated in this season. She has been through a lot in season 6.

First, she lost her daughter, Ruby. Then, things seemed to be juggling with Tommy. He, being his reserved self, does not confide in Lizzie much, making her feel isolated. And to top it all off, Diana and Mosley trick Tommy into cheating on his wife with Diana only so they can separate the grieving couple. With these happenings and Tommy not doing much about it have made people wonder: Does Tommy love Lizzie at all?

Peaky Blinders: Lizzie vs Grace, who is Tommys true love?


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Peaky Blinders is not only a popular show, it is also a topic of frequent online debates. Fans love discussing how Tommy is probably the most complex character ever to be portrayed and how his intelligence is at par with any other detective. But this time, Tommy’s behavior towards his second wife Lizzie seems to be under scrutiny.

A Reddit user posted a question in a Peaky Blinders group asking “Why is Tommy’s relationship and love for Lizzie always questioned? The fact that he was married to Grace does not mean that Tom loves Lizzie less.” 


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The question has created a landslide in the group with many coming to Lizzie and Tommy’s rescue, saying that Tommy loves both Grace and Lizzie in different ways. However, some think Tommy only loves himself and his money.


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Some of the comments to the question are:

  • I completely agree with you! And since Tommy is a man who likes to dream and chase the past, he needs a woman like Lizzie who has been through a lot in life and brings him back down to earth and reality, I think. This can be clearly seen in S5E5 and S6E1, for example. Tommy is a man who likes to feel sorry for himself, even though he is to blame for a lot.”

  • “There’s no one Tommy loves more than his own ambition and cigarettes.”

Our take on the question is that Grace is surely an important woman in Tommy’s life, her death certainly has been an integral part of his journey. And he still remembers her so much so he has a huge portrait of her in his mansion.


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But all of these things are not an indicator that Tommy does not love Lizzie. In fact, he loves her to the extent he says it out loud just as he did with Grace.

But enough of our opinions. What do you think about Tommy and Lizzie’s relationship in Peaky Blinders? Is Tommy unfair to Lizzie? Let us know your opinion on the matter in the comments below.



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