“Jane, we are all here standing on your shoulders”-Tanya Seghatchian, Iain canning , and Others Share Heartfelt Reactions on ‘The Power of the Dog’ Winning Big at BAFTA

Published 03/14/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Last night the BAFTA ceremony was a massive success for Netflix. The British Academy Film Awards or as popularly known as BAFTA. The awards commemorate films and actors for their accomplishments in the previous season. Netflix’s The Power of The Dog was nominated for eight Baftas, including best picture and director. And the Jane Campion dark western won both the awards, sending fans and celebrities into a frenzy.

Fans of the film were really happy to see the movie receiving the appreciation it so rightly deserved. Let’s take a look at the reaction of celebrities and fans.

What The Power of The Dog cast had to say about winning


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This is a massive win for director Jane Campion and Netflix. Jane Campions western about toxic masculinity and suppressed sexuality won two of the biggest award last night, including Best Film.

The award was presented by our own Loki, Tom Hiddleston.

Since Jane Campion was in Los Angeles at the Directors Guild of America Awards, where also she won an award, she was missing at the BAFTA. So receiving the award apart from Jane was the lead actor of the film Benedict Cumberbatch, supporting actor Kodi Smit-McPhee. And the film producers Iain Canning, Tanya Seghatchian, and Emile Sherman. Joining the on stage was also films music composer Jonny Greenwood.

To start off the acceptance, Tanya’s first comment was saying how the only regret they have is that Jane was not present with them. Tanya goes on to say, “Jane, we are all here standing on your shoulders.” 

She then credits Jane by saying that she is the voice of the unheard, suppressed and that her stories have trailblazed in the last 30 years of cinema.

Tanya then thanked the film cast, starting from Benedict to thanking Johnny, the film’s composer, saying that his core provided the film more subtly and nuance.

To end her speech, Tanya says that she “finally and absolutely crucially” had to thank the film’s financiers, Netflix. She thanks Netflix for its support and finance throughout the pandemic, and even applauded the streaming website for re-releasing the movie in theatres when they did not have to.


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Watch the full acceptance speech here.

The reaction of the fans

Fans of the film are really happy that the film is being applauded for its brilliance. Many have uploaded congratulatory posts on Twitter, including Netflix and Variety. Some of the posts are given below:


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What do you think about The Power of The Dog‘s big win last night? Did it deserve to win the best film category to not? Moreover, do you think the movie will also bag an Oscar? Let us know in the comments.



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