Is Tick Tick…BOOM a Real Story?

Published 11/13/2021, 1:00 PM EST

Netflix released Andrew Garfield-starrer tick, tick… BOOM! on November 12. It is receiving a lot of positive reviews. Since there is a scarcity of musicals, this Lin-Manuel Miranda-directed musical thrilled the critics and audience equally. But one question has bothered the audience since the trailer release of the musical. Is Tick Tick Boom a real story?

Before we get into the backstory, we look at the plot of the movie. Also, we are warning you beforehand that there might be some major spoilers ahead.

The plot of Tick Tick… Boom


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The movie follows Jon, a music composer living in New York City, who struggles with handling the realities of life as he turns 30. As Lin-Manuel Miranda has made one of the most successful musicals, he definitely has more than surface-level knowledge regarding artists and their insecurities.

The story behind Tick Tick… Boom

The movie pays homage to late Broadway legend Jonathan Larson, creator of the “Rent” a 90s musical. Steven Levenson has written the screenplay for the musical, based on the autobiographical piece by Jonathan himself.

Jonathan Larson has won several awards, including Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Jonathan could have been an icon for not just his musical prowess but also for spreading awareness about homophobia, addiction, and multiculturalism.

Ironically enough, Jonathan died just a day before the opening night of Rent. Because of aortic failure at the young age of 35, the composer would never know how much impact his musical made.


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Characters in the musical

Now that we have cleared that Tick Tick Boom is a real story, we move on to the characters who feature in it. Netflix filled this musical with as many stars as they could fit with the maximum award winners and nominees.

  • Bradley Whitford plays the role of composer Stephen Sondheim
  • Vanessa Hudgens plays the actor in SUPERBIA, Karessa Johnson
  • Alexandra Shipp is Jon’s girlfriend, Susan
  • Robin de Jesús plays Jon’s schoolfriend, Michael
  • Judith Light plays Jon’s agent, Rosa Stevens
  • Walter Bloom as Richard Kind


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