Is ‘Inception’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Stream the Magnum Opus of Christopher Nolan?

Published 04/03/2022, 7:30 PM EDT

Very seldomly do some movies come along that leave their mark not only in the cinematic industry but on the world. We do not know about others, but Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Inception is absolutely one of them. It is a film you have to watch whether you’re into movies or not. But how can one watch the movie now? It is almost ten years old and cannot be found in theaters anymore. So can you watch Inception on Netflix? Let us find out.

What is the film about?

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a thief, who can enter other people’s dreams and take real-life secrets from their subconscious. Dom’s ability has made him valuable to most organizations, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. This ability has also cost him things he cares about.


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Dom is given an almost impossible mission based on his abilities this time — to imprint a notion in someone’s head – which is made much more difficult by a rival. So to help him pull off this near-impossible heist, Dom puts together a team of brilliant minds. This brings us to our second question.

Who is in the cast of Inception?

If we know anything about Nolan, he is one of those directors who loves to recast certain actors. So the Peaky Blinders duo of Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are in the film too. Both went to star in Dunkirk by Nolan after this film.

Joining Tom as Eames and Cillian as Fischer in the film are Elliot Page as Ariadne, Marion Cotillard as Mal, Ken Watanabe as Saito, and Michael Caine as Prof. Stephen Miles, Dileep Rao as Yusuf.


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Is Inception on Netflix?

For a long time, fans of the director were disappointed as the movie was nowhere to be found. But it all ends now. Inception is finally on Netflix.


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So what are you waiting for? Go and stream the film as fast as you can.

And after the twisted ending of the film rocks your whole world. Let us know what your thoughts are on this: Is it reality or a dream?



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