“In this movie, we see the heart on this guy,” Says, Director Shawn Levy in a Teary Emotional Video at ‘The Adam Project’ Wrap-Up

Published 03/15/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

Filming is a long and tiring process. So when the time comes for a wrap-up, the whole cast and crew more than often get emotional and teary-eyed. Now, we do not know about others, but Shawn Levy had something really great to say about Ryan Reynolds at The Adam Project wrap-up scene.

Ryan Renolds wrap up

The duo has certainly formed a bond with each other as this is their second collaboration, with the third one underway. In a new Twitter post by Shawn Levy, we can see the director talking about his collaboration with Ryan and his gratitude towards the actor.


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In the video director, Shawn Levy is seen talking about how his collaboration with Ryan is a privilege. He says that it is really a miracle how the experience of making films and the film itself is so great with the Canadian Actor.

Shawn then goes on praising Ryan as a professional by saying, “His work ethic is second to none,” and says that what sets The Adam Project apart from Shawn and Ryan’s previous movies is that “in this movie, we see the heart on this guy.


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The video ends with Shawn announcing that it is a wrap-up for Ryan Reynolds, and the whole crew breaks into applaud for the actor while Ryan humbly bows his head.


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The Adam Project Cast

The newest addition to the collaboration between the director-actor duo, Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds, is the Netflix sci-fi action The Adam Project.

The film revolves around Adam, a time-traveling fighter pilot who travels back in time to his younger self to take his help and save the future.


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The film has an all-star cast with two MCU superheroes, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldaña. Mark plays Ryan’s father while Zoe plays his wife. Playing the role of a young Adam is the 13-year-old Walker Scobell and last but not the least playing Adam’s mother is none other than Jennifer Garner.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.



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