‘I was struggling a LOT with my mental health’: ‘One Piece’ Actor Pens Down an Emotional Note as the Crew Completes Filming

Published 08/29/2022, 5:30 PM EDT

The Japanese Manga series One Piece will soon make its way to Netflix in the form of a Live action series. The filming, which started back in the Summer of 2020, was postponed several times and also faced various delays due to the pandemic. But with things back to normal now, the cast recently completed the filming for the series, and a particular cast member had a few emotional words to share.

Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy who also played Bruno in the Netflix thriller Who Killed Sara? will play Monkey D. Luffy, while Fear 1978 actress Emily Rudd will play Nami in the upcoming live-action adaptation. Japanese Actor Mackenyu Arata, known for his toned physique, is ready to step into Zoro’s shoes, and Taz Skylar has been trusted to vivify Vin smoke Sanji to life. During their shoot, these cast members grew quite close with each, and now that the shoot is over, one of them has come to the fore with a moving message.


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An actor expresses his emotions as the crew wraps up shoot

While One Piece completing filming is certainly good news for the fans, one of the actors on board wrote an emotional farewell message. Taz Skylar, who will play Vin Smoke in the series, took to Instagram to express his gratitude. Here’s the Instagram post by the actor:


The Boiling Point actor was caught candid as he also spoke about his mental health struggles in the post. “I was struggling A LOT with my mental health when I first came into this massive new chapter,” wrote Skylar. Furthermore, he wrote how this series has helped him rediscover himself as an adult.


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The actor also tagged and thanked his cast and crew members in his post before ending his note with a “peace out.” The Instagram post was heartfelt and also meant that the live-adaption was closer to reaching our screens.

One Piece live-action adaptation: Everything you need to know


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One Piece is one of the most well-known anime series of all time. It is also one of the oldest manga series, which was first released on July 22nd 1997 and sold over 495 million copies worldwide. The story follows the journey of the lead, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew on the lookout for a mythical treasure, One Piece.

And now, Oda’s treasured Manga is getting a live-action adaptation. Tomorrow Studios is going to be the primary producer for this upcoming adaptation. Some of their remarkable productions include Hanna for Prime Video and Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. Lie to Me fame Steven Maeda will be the showrunner of the series.


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Although the official release date is not revealed, the production being wrapped up is a good sign that the adaptation will reach us sooner than later. Till then, fans can check out the original anime series available exclusively on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on Netflix adapting One Piece? Do let us know.



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