How Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ Accelerated the $13 Billion Behemoth Formula 1 Sport in the US Market

Published 04/11/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

The media holds a lot of power in modern society. Whoever we are reflects on what we choose to see, and it goes the other way around. Our choice of content to watch also determines a huge place in society. Sometimes movies or tv shows can create a phenomenon that was never there in the first place. That is the effect that Netflix show Drive To Survive has had on the Formula 1 industry.

Studies suggest that since the show’s release, the popularity of the racing sport has skyrocketed. Let us take a look at how much Drive To Survive has benefited the racing world.

Drive To Survive Netflix effects on Formula 1


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Now before we start giving you facts and numbers to prove how Drive To Survive has revolutionized the sport, we are by no means trying to underestimate the F1 sport. In fact, even before the release of Drive To Survive the F1 industry was at an estimated evaluation of $8 billion. But where it failed was to crack into the American market. However, that was until 2019, when Netflix stepped in.

Since the debut of Drive To Survive in 2019, F1 has enjoyed a 40% boost in viewership in the United States. Seven of the ten most-watched races in history, including the most-attended race in history: the US Grand Prix in Austin, which drew 400,000 spectators. F1 is also doubling in on the United States, with the Miami Grand Prix set to take place in 2022.

The success has resulted in monetary gains. In only three years, the value of Formula One has risen from $8 billion to $13 billion (63 percent increase). In addition, teams are receiving funds from some of the world’s most recognizable sponsors.


How Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ Changed the Tide for Formula 1 Racing in the United States

almost 2 years ago

But how does Netflix do it?


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We have already mentioned how Drive To Survive has benefitted the F1 industry. But how do they do it? Well, the answer is simple yet complex: by mastering the storytelling medium.

Netflix has crafted the whole show in such a way that only around 20% of the time in Drive To Survive is spent racing. In a sport where drivers wear helmets, seeing their faces and personalities encourages new fans to become more involved. According to F1, the show has gained 73 million new viewers.


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Netflix has really given a lot to the sport and with Drive to Survive being the streamer’s most successful show, it seems highly unlikely that they stop producing more season of it.

Were you a fan of the sport before watching the show? Let us know in the comments.



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