How Max Verstappen’s Victory Is THE Reason To Stream F1: Drive To Survive On Netflix

Published 01/30/2022, 10:15 AM EST

People who don’t follow Formula 1 could have actually enjoyed living under a rock for the past weekend. Because the last race of the 2021 season had hypnotized almost everyone. But, if you want to get in the loop of things, the F1: Drive to Survive docuseries on Netflix is the best way to do it.

The high octane sport has more to offer than what meets the eye, and that’s where the docuseries come in. “Drive to Survive” introduces us to the driver, the team principals, and their owners as they navigate through the season.

How important was the last Grand Prix?


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The 2021 season has piqued the interest of many viewers in the upcoming season of “Drive to Survive”. The main reason being this season has been controversial and also a nail-biting contest till the very end. Formula 1 has not seen such fierce competition in a long time, with the championship undecided till the last lap.

Season 4 of “F1: Drive to Survive” will provide all the context of the rivalry between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG. The seven-time world champion up against the young challenger is the perfect underdog story. Even though you know who won the race, the buildup to it will be worth a watch.

Why you should start watching F1: Drive to Survive on Netflix?

Even if you missed the epic battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, you could watch it in the 4th season of Drive to Survive. The docuseries covers important events that happened in the previous season. So, fans can understand the driver’s transfers and other controversies like this Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


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The sport might also be confusing as it is too technical for a new viewer. But the docuseries has seamlessly integrated the rules without bogging down the viewer with too many details. Viewers even get a glimpse of the team strategy and the driver’s perspective.

The impact of the docuseries

The first three seasons of the docuseries have an IMDb score of 8.6, and Netflix has confirmed season 4 of the docuseries. US has really embraced the multi-million dollar sport with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings considering buying the broadcast rights for the US. Even the sales of F1 merchandise are experiencing a boom after the premiere of the docuseries.


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Let us know in the comment section if you will start watching “F1: Drive to Survive” on Netflix.



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