How Is ‘Little Women’ (2019) Different From the New KDrama of the Same Name?

Published 09/06/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

Written by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is a brilliant and heartwarming novel centered around four sisters. Netflix’s Little Women Kdrama is inspired by this book. Set in 19th-century New England, the book follows Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy as they solve the puzzles of life. This piece was written by Louisa May Alcott in record time as she was in need of money. Little did she know that this novel was going to become iconic for generations to come. Over the years, the novel has been adapted several times.

In 2019, Greta Gerwig brought in a star-studded cast and created one of the most commercially successful Little Women adaptations so far. Most recently, in 2022, Kim Hee Won, director of the famous Netflix Kdrama Vincenzo, and Jung Seo Kyung, the writer of the award-winning Kdrama The Handmaiden, joined hands to give the world another brilliant adaptation of Little Women. And while the Kdrama is inspired by Louisa May Alcott, it is unlike any other adaptation so far. Here is what makes the Little Women Kdrama special.


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What makes the Little Women Kdrama so different?

The audience is hooked and believes that this is one of the greatest adaptations of the novel. The Kdrama has taken up the challenge of switching up the key points in the novel, all the while keeping the spirit of the book alive. Similar to the book, Little Women (2019) movie, starring grand actors such as Meryll Streep, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, and Timothee Chalamet was set in the 19th century and had four sisters.

It stuck very close to the plot of the book. However, the Little Women Kdrama revolves around three sisters. And while you won’t find a “Beth” in the Kdrama, you will see parts of her in all three sisters. For instance, her incredible painting talent in the little sister named Oh In Hye in the Korean series.

Another element that separates Kim Hee Won’s Little Women from the rest is the time period. Every adaptation of Little Women so far has been set up in simpler and older times. However, the Kdrama has taken up the arduous task of setting up the Little Women storyline in the present era.


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Furthermore, the Little Women (2019) movie was a heartfelt piece at its finest. Meanwhile, the Kdrama is a thriller. Who would have thought that the wholesome Little Women novel could be turned into a thriller? Well, Kim Hee Won and Jung SEO Kyung definitely did, and they made it come to life.


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The Kdrama keeps the magic of the book alive

Despite the changes made by the Kdrama creators to the core elements, the Little Women Kdrama still manages to keep the magic of the book alive. It is fast-paced and there is the 70 million dollar bag that everyone is looking for.


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But it is still the same Little Women that spread the message of family love and sibling power. Ms. Louisa May Alcott, wherever she is, must be proud of this adaptation. Let us know in the comments below if you like the changes made in the Little Women Kdrama. You can watch or download the episodes on Netflix.

Which Little Women adaptation did you like better? Let us know in the comments down below.



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