How Anna Todd’s ‘After’ Became a Film Series From Being a Wattpad Publication

Published 01/18/2022, 1:45 PM EST

Online platforms have lent a fresh voice to the rising content creators. Such platforms mean more content for the consumer and more opportunities for the creators. We have seen many examples where the internet has made a creator an overnight sensation. One such example is Anna Todd, the creator of the After movie series on Netflix.

How did Anna end up writing After series on Wattpad?

Before Anna wrote books, she was an avid reader who searched for fanfiction on Wattpad, an online platform where you can read original stories from other users and also post your own stories.


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Eventually, Anna could not resist the urge to write her own story. The After series writer was not an author by profession, but Wattpad encouraged her to be one. Thus, Anna began writing in her leisure time and uploading one chapter at a time.

To the newbie’s surprise, she received support from a community that is still growing.

“[Wattpad] was a place I couldn’t have even dreamed existed with people just like me,” Anna expressed her love for the community. “An entire world of people who read and write on the internet. I found a community, a home really”

The big switch of the After series from Wattpad to Netflix

Anna started her writing journey in 2013, and in 2014, her story reached an audience of one billion. However, Todd did not take her readers for granted as she improved from her fans’ feedback and made changes. Simon & Schuster appreciated Todd’s efforts and signed a deal for a five-book series, which became a global bestseller.


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On October 16, 2014, Deadline reported Paramount Pictures gaining the screen rights to After. However, Anna did not abandon the screen projects as she worked as a screenwriter and producer. The first movie in the After series replicated the success of the story on the big screen. The movie won three Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award for the Best Drama Film.


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Anna Todd has not looked back since as she penned eight other novels, and the After series’ fourth movie has already completed production. If you are planning to write a story, go ahead with it. There are plenty of opportunities, and you might be sitting on a gold mine like Todd was almost a decade ago.

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