Henry Cavill’s Superman vs Antonny Starr’s Homelander: Two American Heros Draped in Blue and Red, but Who Would Win the Brawl?

Published 10/10/2022, 11:30 PM EDT

Comparing two or more superheroes from different franchises is a common phenomenon in comic book fandom. From Iron Man and Captain America to Batman and Superman, every comparison tells us more about our favorite superheroes. Similarly, today we will compare DC Extended Universe’s Superman and Dynamite Entertainment’s Homelander from The Boys. As many of us might know, Homelander draws inspiration from two of the most popular superheroes, Captain America and Superman. But who will win if Man of Steel by Henry Cavill faces Homelander? 

The Boys‘ Homelander is the most powerful character in the show. His name strikes fear in the hearts of all those who know what he is capable of. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, one of the strongest superheroes from the DC Extended Universe. So to find out who would win between these two caped superheroes, let us draw a comparison. 


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Antony Starr’s Homelander vs. Henry Cavill’s Superman: Who is the better Superhero?

Homelander, the team leader of Team Seven, an incredibly powerful villain whose position as the greatest antagonist of The Boys remains unchallenged, and Superman, the leader of the Justice League, the poster boy of justice, equality, and the best of humanity.


One of the few things Superman and Homelander have in common is incredible strength. While we have seen Homelander use his power to destroy his enemies, The Boys have not yet specified how powerful the character is. The only time Homelander ever gets close to defeat is with his son Ryan, who shares the same powers as him.

On the other hand, we have witnessed Superman fight a variety of foes, be it in comics or films. Even though most of the time, Superman has the upper hand in a brawl, occasionally, he finds himself in situations where he’s outmatched. However, considering Superman’s rich fighting history from comics and films, The Man of Steel takes an edge over Homelander in terms of strength.

2)Flying ability

For both Superman and Homelander flight is an important characteristic of their attributes. Homelander can take off and land at an incredibly fast speed, and Superman can fly beyond other spaces.


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While Homelander can fly in the air, Superman has traveled to the extreme ends of outer space. Therefore in flying ability too, Superman has the upper hand.

3)X-Ray vision

Both Superman and Homelander share the x-ray vision. Superman uses his x-ray vision to find his enemies or the evils of society. Homelander makes use of the ability to spy on anyone he likes, mostly his enemies. While Superman cannot use his x-ray vision to see through lead, Homelander finds it difficult to see through anything with zinc.

Moreover, in the series, The Boys, Homelander makes use of his heat vision mostly for evil purposes, while Superman uses this superpower as his last tactical support. Also, both characters can see through walls and doors, making this comparison even more difficult. Considering the pros and cons of their X-Ray visions, Superman and Homelander stand on equal ground.

4)Fighting Dirty

Homelander has no regard for anything. The antagonist does not mind destroying a few human lives to take down his enemies. He has no true code of conduct and would happily fight dirty to defeat Superman.


So, Homelander does not have any known weakness except for his son Ryan who is equally powerful as him. The Man of Steel, on the other hand, would always prioritize humanity, even if it meant getting destroyed by an enemy. 

5)Super Hearing ability

In multiple scenes of both The Man of Steel and The Boys, we have seen how super hearing ability can be a curse and a gift. Thanks to their ultra-sensitive hearing ability, Homelander and Superman can perceive beyond great distances and block noises. Furthermore, on various occasions, the super hearing ability has helped both characters to track down their enemies from hiding. Hence no comparison can be drawn on the super hearing ability.


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A-Train from The Boys is one of the most iconic heroes from the series. While Homelander is incredibly fast, and his flying speed beats the A-Train, he is in no way close to the Last Son of Krypton. Superman’s speed has no limits, and if needed, he can travel at a speed beyond one can measure.


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Considering all the above comparisons, it is no doubt that Superman has the edge over Homelander. And surely, it would be interesting to see them battle each other if it ever happens.

Do you like Henry Cavill as Superman or Anthony Star’s Homelander? Let us know in the comments below. 



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