Henry Cavill Rumored to Have Fired Manager Dany Garcia Who Also Manages Dwayne Johnson, Months Before ‘’Black Adam’

Published 12/20/2022, 4:30 AM EST

Henry Cavill returning and then once again leaving DC in a month is something many of us are finding difficult to accept. Seeing the actor mention at various points over the years about his will to return to the role unfold into his leaving DC is truly a sad turn of events. What adds to the sting is the actor’s departure from Netflix’s The Witcher.


Many hold the new executive team responsible for how things ended for Cavill’s Superman return, but things have been going south for a long while now. Even before we were blessed with his cameo in Black Addams, Cavill allegedly fired his manager, whom he shared with Dwayne Johnson, according to Puck News.


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Henry Cavill rumored to have fired his manager

When Cavill made the announcement about leaving DC not long after returning to it, silently grieving would have been the right word to describe the state of fans. However, the news of the actor firing his manager, who played a huge link in him playing a cameo role in Black Adam, has made fans wonder what more was wrong.


Cavill was managed by Dany Garcia. Furthermore, Garcia is not just a manager to Dwayne Johnson but also his ex-wife. And if the newsletter from Puck News is to be believed, then Cavill fired his manager just months before appearing as a symbol of hope, justice, and strength in the Black Adam movie. But that’s not the case.

Did the former Superman actor actually fire his manager?

While reports suggest that the deed has long been done, recent social media activity by said ex-manager suggests a different side of the story. After Cavill’s announcing his return, Gracia was quick to leave a “So much to come #TheDawnofHope” comment with a blue heart under Cavill’s Instagram.


And then when Cavill announced his retirement from DC she commented: “You are and will always be our Superman and you are, of course so much more, Here’s to the brilliance that lies before you.”

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But that’s not it, Dany Gracia also wrote “Here to guiding a cinematic universe and a dream come true”  under Cavill’s Warhammer post.


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So either Gracia is really cool about getting fired as Cavill’s manager and is actually a huge fan or considering the latter comment she and Henry Cavill are still on brilliant projects. Given the fact that Dwayne Johnson went through the sky and beyond to get his teammate Cavill into his red cape, it would be very weird for Cavill to fire their shared manager.

And if Garcia’s activity wasn’t enough, the Red Notice actor also debunked the news with a tweet.


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Since that has cleared up, what do you think Cavill has planned to do next now that the red cape and monster-hunting sword are no longer in his kitty? Share your theories with us in the comments.



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