Got a Crush on ‘Dated and Related’ Siblings? Here’s Where You Can Find Them On Social Media

Published 09/03/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

Dating reality shows have something peculiar in them that puts fans on the edge of their seats while craving for more. Adding to the list, we have a brand new show, Dated and Related, streaming only on Netflix. Having made its debut on September 2nd, the reality show takes the concept of Indian Matchmaking to a whole new level.

Rather than the relatives, the siblings play a major role in this series. No, siblings are not dating each other in this show. They regulate each other and find the best suit for their cousins. In season 1, we have 9 pairs, whose only goal is to find a perfect date for their partner in crime. As per the trailer, the contestants closely examine each other on dates and share beds with their siblings, here’s a peek-a-boo at their social media. If you find any of them attractive, hit their siblings up!


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Here’s where you can find Dated and Related cast

Hosted by Too Hot to Handle’s Melissa Berry, the reality show apparently put siblings’ relationships to the ultimate test. Not only do they compete to find the one for each other but they also have to become the best bride’s maid and groomsmen in order to win. While they put their everything to the test, here’s exactly where you can find them.

Siblings Corrina and Joey Roppo, Episode 1

Instagram: @joeyroppo@corrinaroppo

TikTok: @joeyroppo@corrinaroppo

Joey, the elder brother in this duo of siblings, is 28 years old. He manages a customs brokerage. Corrina, the younger sister, is a 23-year-old music instructor.

Twins Kieran and Kaz Bishop, Episode 1


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Instagram: @kazbishop_@kieranbishop__

TikTok: @kazbishop_@_kieranbishop

Twin brothers Kieran and Kaz, both 30 years old, reside in London. Kaz is a firefighter, and Kieran is employed in banking. Having broken up from his childhood love after ten years, Kieren is what we could call a hopeless romantic, while his fighter brother has a wandering eye.

Siblings Mady and Lily Bajor, Episode 1

Instagram: @mady@lilybajor

TikTok: @madybajor

Out of the two, the younger one, Mandy, is 20 years old and is majoring in advertising while the elder one, Lily, is 22 and is a student and cocktail server. They are from Texas, and well you need to be careful around them because the Bajors are very protective of each other! However, they are also offhand and are determined to not take life too seriously.

Siblings Dyman and Deyon Miller, Episode 1

Instagram: @dymanqrysta@itsdeyon

TikTok: @dymanmiller@itsdeyon

Have you ever met high-profile sibling duos who would do anything and everything to get what they want? Well, these two belong to that category. Dyman, the older sister in this relationship, is 25. She works as a medical aide. Deyon, the younger brother, is a 21-year-old HR manager and sports model.

Twins Nina and Diana Parsijanis, Episode 1

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

TikTok: @officialninaxdiana

The Norwegian-Iranian twins, who are both 29 years old, do everything together, including running their shared social media profiles, working as jewelry professionals, and living together in London. Though personification of two for the price of one, they are different when it comes to love life. While one falls in love easily and is hence susceptible to getting hurt, the other will break your heart rather than being heartbroken. Explore their voyage of finding the best partner for each other only on Dated and Related on Netflix.

Cousins Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn, Episode 1

Instagram: @jasoncohenofficial@chrishahnofficial

TikTok: @jasonxcohen@chrisrhahn

The reality TV dating shows, devoid of hot beach boys are no dating show at all! And Netflix’s Dated and Related has the best of all. Cousins Chris, 28, and Jason, 27, are the only cousins on the show. Chris teaches surfing, and Jason is a lifeguard and a jet ski instructor.

Siblings Daniel and Julia Perfetto, Episode 3

Little sister Julia is a 21-year-old HR associate and personal trainer, while big brother Daniel is a 25-year-old client-care expert. While we do not know if the Perfetto siblings are perfect, they certainly love each other above all. The brother is used to being the center of attraction and has no problem with having multiple women. But will he be able to put it all in the past to find a perfect love match both for himself and his gem? Only the reality show can give an answer to that.

Siblings Ceylan and Alara Taneri, Episode 3

Instagram: @alarateneri@ceylantaneri

TikTok: @alarateneri@ceylantaneri

Well, we also have a professional footballer and a fashion designer on the list. While the athlete is 27 years old, his creative sister is 22. They hail from Texas. Notably, the sister is probably a newbie to the dating world. But the brother is licking his past wounds while in search of true love who can give him a family. Will the reality show make it possible? Only time will tell.

Twins Henry and William Wade, Episode 5

If you are obsessed with digital content for different brands, this British twin duo needs no introduction. However, if you aren’t, the twin brothers Henry and William have separate and joint social media accounts where they create digital content for brand partnerships. Let us hope that they fulfill their purpose on Dated and Related, Netflix.

Siblings Andy and Rachel Foster, Episode 7

These Northern Irish siblings joined the game somewhat late in the season and as the last newcomers. Andy, who was once an Irish dancer, is now a quantity surveyor. Although Rachel’s professional duties are unclear, her social media brand partnerships suggest she is an influencer. In 2020, Andy and Rachel also appeared on Family Fortunes on ITV.


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