From She-Hulk to Spiderman, Here Are 5 Deadpool Crossovers We Need Now That Ryan Reynolds Has Entered the MCU

Published 02/26/2023, 10:00 AM EST

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Crossovers are something that’s been happening in the Marvel Universe for a long time now. As these crossovers provide opportunities for viewers to look at the dynamics of the characters differently, Deadpool also needs these crossovers. Since Ryan Reynolds is starring in the upcoming MCU film, Deadpool 3, here are 5 Deadpool crossovers that the fandom really needs.


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Deadpool 3 is set to hit the theatrical in 2024. However, apart from the locations and some characters, no details about the plot have been revealed. However, as Deadpool film is part of MCU’s Phase 6, what if you could see other MCU characters alongside Deadpool in Deadpool 3? 

5 crossovers that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool film really needs


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Hugh Jackman is reprising his iconic role as Wolverine along with The Crown star, Emma Corrin as the mysterious villain in the upcoming film. However, there is a scope for some more characters to appear with the Merc with A Mouth.

1. Thor and Deadpool

Although it might seem a little weird to see these two together. But on the pages of the comic book, Thor and Deadpool appeared together. They worked as the best source of entertainment for fans, as Deadpool’s iconic humor annoyed Thor. The same resulted in him often killing Deadpool, only to resurrect once again.

The two different styles of these two iconic characters of the universe would make a hilarious storyline for the viewers. Moreover, Deadpool has already appeared with Thor’s close man, Korg. Therefore, he could be the bridge in bringing Thor and Deadpool together.

2. Sam Wilson with Deadpool

In the original Marvel comic books, Steve Rogers and Deadpool cross paths. Even when Sam Wilson takes up the mantle, he comes across the Merc With A Mouth in the books. In the 2022 Captain America: Symbol of Truth, Wilson’s Captain America, and Torres’ Falcon save Deadpool. Thus, in the MCU film, the pair already appeared together. Therefore, there is a high possibility of them appearing together in Deadpool 3.

Sam Wilson and Wade Wilson share the same last names. Thus, it would provide a great opportunity for Deadpool to make fun of the fact and entertain the viewers. Moreover, Sam Wilson does not believe in the strange abilities of Deadpool. Therefore, it would also provide great material for the hilarious interactions between the two.

3. She-Hulk and Deadpool

Deadpool’s constant breaking of the fourth wall is one of the qualities that makes him an interestingly hilarious character. However, in comic books, actually, it was She-Hulk who did it first. Therefore, this common trait between these two characters would provide countless opportunities for hilarious interactions with the audience.

This habit of breaking the fourth wall can also bring them closer in the film, leading them to end up in a romantic relationship. Also, their pair would give fun and epic fight sequence in the movie as well with Deadpool’s witty comments.

4. Daredevil and Deadpool

Only the color of their costumes is similar. Other than that, Daredevil and Deadpool are contradictory to each other. Deadpool kills for fun and profit, but Daredevil is more serious and deeply religious. In the comic books, these two share pages more than once with compatible rapport with each other.

Despite being opposite to each other, Daredevil sometimes enjoys and embraces the dark humor of the Merc with A Mouth. Bringing Daredevil in along with She-Hulk would provide an amazingly intense tension between the three given Daredevil and She-Hulk have worked together.

5. Spider-Man with Deadpool


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Given Tom Holland’s return as the fan-favorite character in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, this is the time to bring him with Deadpool. On the pages of comic books, these two are friends and have fought many battles together. The crossovers between these two would bring a lot of action, fun and some emotional moments that help each other recognize themselves.

This would be an extremely exciting angle in Deadpool 3. Although we will have to wait for the official announcements by the filmmakers.


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Till then, share your views about the crossovers in the comment box below. Tell us which character would you like to see in the upcoming Deadpool movie?



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