From “princess material” to “social climber”, Here’s How Piers Morgan Piers Morgan’s Ideas Evolved for Meghan Markle

Published 12/25/2022, 5:00 PM EST

Meghan Markle, although similar to her deceased mother-in-law in terms of free-spiritedness, was unlike any other member of the British Royal family. Her previous profession added to the fact that she was biracial, making her the target of attention as people waited with bated breaths to see how things would unfold. Markle became the first biracial woman in the Royal family. But also the grand ‘Megxit’ was one of the most banging season finales there is.


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But apart from these history-defining moments, Meghan Markle was also the first person from the Royal family to wear Dior to her son’s Christening, and let’s not forget the controversial time when she closed the car door by herself. But she is also the first member of the Royal family who has the undivided attention of Piers Morgan on her every move.

Piers Morgan: President of the Meghan Markle Fanclub

When the Suits actress was entering the Royal family, Piers Morgan was the ambassador of her Fanclub. In case you did not know, he is, albeit for not the best of reasons, a well-known British journalist. Another fascinating fact about him is that he cannot end a segment on camera without mentioning Meghan Markle.

Morgan shows another symptom of the widespread “trolling” condition which makes him unable to go longer than a week without bashing Meghan Markle on Twitter. However, this is not a condition the British journalist has had since birth.


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The first signs of Piers Morgan’s unique condition were seen after the Royal wedding of the Sussex. He was not invited. We aren’t saying the journalist accusing Markle of “scripting” her wedding was triggered because he was not invited. But the timing is suspicious.

Piers Morgan’s drastic change of opinions

Morgan has told many versions of his past “friendship” with Meghan Markle. The Duchess left a “Big fan of yours” message for Morgan after following him back when the journalist expressed his likeness for Suits. However, in 2018, Morgan on The Late Late Show said: “Meghan Markle ghosted me.

As if to ensure that things were headed southwards, Morgan added “She’s just a social climber, I’m afraid.” Furthermore, Piers Morgan was unsurprisingly one of the first to invite Markle’s estranged father for an interview. And considering their shared interests, the interview went smoothly.

Moving forward, Piers Morgan’s condition would only worsen. The journalist finessed his skills at bashing Markle and only got more brutal. From declaring her claims of being suicidal a hoax to choosing to bash the former actress over his seat on Good Morning Britain. The journalist also bashed the couple for the release of their Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary.


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Many have said that Piers Morgan has a personal hate-driven agenda against the Suits alum. However, till we hear both sides of the story, we will stick to saying he has used only two lessons from his journalism course while reporting about Meghan Markle. One is diligence and the second is ruthlessness.


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What is your take on Morgan’s evolution of opinions on Markle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.




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