From Museums to Townhouses, Here Are All the Locations Where Bridgerton Filming Took Place

Published 04/26/2022, 7:30 PM EDT

From the beginning of Bridgerton to the ending of season 2, the show boasts some of the most beautiful filming locations and scenery that we have seen on television in recent times. Just as we have seen with the costumes, the series presents to viewers a blend of the grandeur of the Regency era with just a touch of contemporary palettes.

We have covered almost all of the most significant and eye-catching locations where the filming for Bridgerton took place. They are:

The Bridgerton house


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The beautiful Bridgerton family house we saw in the beginning of season 1 is actually a house in Greenwich. The house is called Ranger’s House. Although it is a beautiful place built over 300 years ago, it doesn’t have the flowers that we see in the Netflix series. The place is open to the public for viewing and has a collection of medieval jewelry, Renaissance paintings. etc.

Lady Danbury’s enormous estate

In the first season of the series, we get but a glimpse of Lady Danbury’s house, or, well, estate. In season 2, viewers see more of it as the place is a temporary residence of the Sharma family. The location that serves as Lady Danbury’s home in the Netflix series is a museum in the city of Bath. The museum, like any other, boasts a magnificent collection of paintings, statues, and more. But, that isn’t it. It is also available to hire for any special event, including weddings, or if you’re fancy enough, balls.

Clyvedon Castle, the house of the Duke of Hastings

After Daphne and Simon get married, the couple moves to Simon’s ancestral home. The place is arguably one of the most locations where the filming of Bridgerton season 1 took place, Castle Howard in Yorkshire. The castle dates back to 1699 and was built over a period of 100 years or more.


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Buckingham Palace

We see Queen Charlotte time and again in her majestic palace, engaging in gossip or pondering over ways to catch Lady Whistledown. In those scenes, it is very difficult not to focus on the beautiful house. The filming of this part of both the seasons of the Netflix Original took place at the Hampton Court Palace in Surrey.


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The Royal Ascot

There are a lot of changes between Bridgerton and real-life royals. But, the few things the creators didn’t change was the love they share for races. In season 2, we see Kate and Anthony bicker back and forth at what is supposed to be the Royal Ascot racetrack. The real-life filming location of this part of Bridgerton is actually the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, Windsor. Royals frequent both the places.


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