Fresh Out of Apes Movie Success, Freya Allan Serves Hope for ‘The Witcher’ Season 4 After Liam Hemsworth Disappointment

Published 06/07/2024, 11:18 PM EDT

In the past few years, if there is one series that has truly seen a high and low at every turn that it took, it is bound to be The Witcher. From the beginning itself, with the masterpiece of Andrzej Sapkowski at stake, fans were reluctant to accept the series. If it were not for the wonder that Henry Cavill pulled with his portrayal of a priceless bond with Yennefer and Ciri, perhaps the show might have never taken flight.

With Cavill no more in the picture, the burden of responsibility now falls on Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan and, by the looks of it, the latter is already taking it on in full stride.

First look of Freya Allan fashionably saves The Witcher Season 4


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After Henry Cavill laid his armor to rest, hope for The Witcher Season 4 was quite thin. As this was topped by the news of Liam Hemsworth taking on the role, fans only dwelled further in despair. However, Geralt's prodigy on the show and in real life, Freya Allan has come to save the day. Redanian Intelligence dropped the actress' first look from the upcoming season where she is in cahoots with The Rats.

It is no secret to fans of the Andrzej Sapkowski magnum opus that Ciri at one point joins The Rats and displays a more carnal side. It is unclear just how much of that the show is willing to explore, but going by the dagger, both in her eyes and hand, that she is sporting in the first look, The Witcher Season 4 might just go all the way.

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Seeing Freya Allan return to the sets of Season 4 of The Witcher in such a rogue avatar has brought back in full fledge the excitement that Liam Hemworth's announcement trampled.

Fans in awe of Freya Allan's The Witcher Season 4 first look

From the photos that have emerged from the sets, it is quite clear that the scene being reenacted is the one where The Rats invade a carriage in Nilfgaard. The carriage belonged to a baron whose daughter's brooch Ciri steals, what unfolds after is clear by the dagger in her hand. This scene and the killer expression that Allan seems to be serving has fans in complete awe.

Freya Allan's first look has also single-handedly stomped on criticisms that the series is often subjected to owing to the costume designs as fans could not be any happier about the yellow.


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Fans also noted how the show seems to be sticking to the book for now, which it does not have a very good track record of. It seems that Freya Allan is ready to give The Witcher Season 4 her all following Cavill's exit.


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