Emerging Filmmaker Initiative: Three Short Films Are Out on Netflix by The Directors of Tomorrow, Check Them Out

Published 02/18/2022, 2:30 PM EST

Many up-and-coming cinematographers take years before they can finally get their first big shot. And Netflix is here to change that. It is opening its doors to budding filmmakers in a rather interesting manner. Those who aspire to produce short films on high demand genres must pay a little attention here. Ian Bricke (VP, Independent Film) announced a new initiative on 18 Jan’22. According to him, the Emerging Filmmaker Initiative will hone the craft and speed up the career of the next wave of marquee filmmakers, working on genres like sci-fi, action, horror, and thriller.

Why Netflix started EFI

Notably, Spike Lee introduced director Stefon Bristol and his stand-out short film, See You Yesterday, to the streaming giant. Featuring an exceptional genre, the film won an Independent spirit award later on. That’s not all. Netflix had a great experience in producing such films in exceptional genres with new voices like Leigh Janak, Jeymes Samuel, and more. Hence, enter EFI.


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Three short films taken up by Netflix

According to Bricke, Netflix will choose 3 filmmakers and air their short films annually. The chosen filmmakers will chiefly “gain priceless access to the film studio ecosystem early in their careers” and receive firsthand experience in development, casting, production, scoring, editing, and more in this program.

The first three short films of EFI are now streaming on Netflix. And here’s everything you need to know about them.

#1 Hebru Brantley’s Erax

Brantley’s Erax will give you modern-day Jumanji feels with added horrors. Set in a sleepover session, the movie chiefly revolves around Aunt Opal and her niece Nina.

What was a normal hangout session turns upside down when the two ladies accidentally summon the mythical creatures from a book. Before they destroy everything and everyone in the human world, they must trap them back into the book. Will they be able to? You can only find it out by streaming it on Netflix right away.

#2 Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Ashley Eakin

1939 Germany and Hitler enacting Aktion T4, a program to release disabled people from life. A farm boy with limb difference pursued by Nazi soldiers and a lot of life lessons. This is the premise of Eakin’s short film. Notably, Eakin herself is a writer/director with physical disabilities.

Further, Eakin is currently developing a half an hour TV show with 20th century for FX. She has also worked on television shows for Disney+ and Apple. And Forgive us Terspasses is nothing less. You can watch it now on Netflix.


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#3 Marielle Woods’ Heart Shot


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Notably, Marielle Woods has directed episodes for the last seasons of Netflix’s Cobra Kai. Further, she is recognised as a member of Universal Director’s initiative, and AFI directing workshop for women. Known for her queer filmmaking style, she has helmed the last short film of this year under the Netflix program.

Wood’s Heart Shot chiefly revolves around Nikki and Samantha, two love birds planning their future. Seemingly, everything was sparkling and peachy in their relationship until Nikki’s gory past repeats to threaten everything and everyone that are near and dear to her. This short film will surely make you think by triggering your emotional buttons. A lot of action awaits you in the name of Heart Shot, only on Netflix.


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This one minute clip is enough to give you goosebumps and make you stream all the short films on the streaming service right away.

Do let us know in the comment section which of these fascinating short films intrigued you the most.



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