Does Ciri Become a Witcher Ever in the Story? Here is the Truth About the Popular Misunderstanding

Published 12/08/2023, 2:05 PM EST

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The world of fantasy is all but an escape from reality. Long before, there were books that offered varying stories, each with their own degree of solace. Soon, with the advent of technology, those same stories took shape in the form of content which then reached an even wider base, only to bewitch them to its tale. A prime example of this unfolding is Andrzej Sapkowski’s books and their eventual adaptation by Netflix as The Witcher. A Top-10 chart-buster, a successful first season of the show, soon saw two more follow it, though unfortunately bringing down its viewership.

Following the lead, Henry Cavill‘s exit, a pivotal focus, now remains on Freya Allan’s Ciri, who could be the next Witcher, thanks to her training. As scintillating as it sounds, a minute detailing may foretell if the lore is pitching the character for that magnanimous development.

Who is a Witcher?


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A rule of thumb that the fandom has eventually settled upon is accuracy. A fact well-established by Henry Cavill himself, a departure in lore amounted to feigning blasphemy. The lore in itself derives primarily from Sapkowski’s books and the three iterations of video games that mirror it. According to it, a Witcher is a mutated superhuman monster hunter who far outskills any ordinary citizen. The magical world that the series finds itself revolving around is full of creatures that threaten the lives of the ordinary and the likes of Geralt hunt them down, earning the title of Wiccans, Hexers, Vedymins, Witchmen, or The Witcher.

In the Netflix series, Geralt of Rivia is our famed protector. Among the said-to-be five protectors of the realm, Cavill’s was one of them. However, it was not easy. The intricate swordsmanship, magical abilities, and sheer, raw power came at the cost of rigorous training and, of course, magic potions. Mutations and willpower are what determine who can be a Witcher. Additionally, in the Trial of Grasses, a series of stringent rituals finally pass over the role to the taker.


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Handed over by his mother, Visenna, shortly after the birth to the cause, is how the Netflix series received its protagonist. However, things are different for Ciri.

The fate of Ciri as in the books

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon aka Ciri is the Princess of Cintra. Wielding the Elder Blood, her character can effortlessly open portals and travel between worlds while also allowing her to harness powerful magic. In the books as well as in every other adaptation, Geralt saved Ciri’s father, Duny, from a curse. Thanks to the ‘law of surprise’, Duny promised Geralt his daughter, thus binding the two into a somewhat father-daughter duo. Traversing the continent alongside him, Ciri adjusted to new ways and picked up new skills like sword-fighting.

Now, despite her training, Ciri never became a Witcher. Unlike her adoptive father, she never undertook the Trial of Grasses. Neither does she have the superhuman abilities of strength and speed. An essential aspect of becoming a Witcher was undergoing the mutation, something which had never come across her way. Raised as a princess and destined to be an empress, her story never forays into monster-hunting.

Sapkowski had grand plans for his character and they stayed that way. In the books, Ciri became the most powerful magic wielder of all time. In time, alongside her fire magic and world jumping, Ciri also opened portals to alternate versions of herself. At one point, she even held her own against Geralt, using nothing but her magical prowess. Soon enough, as the last inheritor of Elder blood, she pulled a dramatic twist.

Earning The Lady of the Worlds title, towards the end, Ciri opened a portal to the real world, the very one Sapkowski currently resides in. However, she eventually did return to the novel where she ended up with Galahad of Caer Benic, holding his hands. The romantic ending unfolded in the final book of The Witcher saga, Lady of the Lake. Thus, sealing her fate not as the last Witcher, but as the last and most powerful magic wielder.

Will Ciri become a Witcher in the Netflix universe?


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A short answer would be no, while a longer one is a distant maybe. Portrayed brilliantly by Freya Allan on Netflix, the show’s development likely hints at her training to be one like Geralt, hence leading fans to theorize that the upcoming season may have her finally become one. However, the result would be completely of the lore. In season two, fans were showcased lavish scenes where the princess matured into a fearsome warrior and was attuned to masterful sword skills. However, despite her training, there was one key element missing – the mutations.

Following season three, her character arc has gone in an even more contrasting manner with her losing her powers and joining the fugitive group – The Rats.  However, in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game, Ciri faced an alternate ending. Depending upon the player’s choice, Ciri either ended up as Empress of Nilfgaard or, in the other, a Witcher. Thus, though there happens to be a way, it stands unlikely. Although Netflix has frequently made changes to Ciri’s backstory, making a leap that giant does not seem plausible. Additionally, with Liam Hemsworth returning as a reincarnated Geralt, the need for another one feels to be vanity.


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What are your thoughts on the truth behind Ciri becoming a Witcher? Do you think Netflix will ever go in the video game direction? Let us know in the comments below.



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